Your Questions: 3 DJs Playing B2B Across 3 Software Platforms?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 5 April, 2018


Mackie Mix 8
A small mixer capable of receiving at least six stereo inputs, like this Mackie Mix 8, is an inexpensive way to perform a B2B set.

Digital DJ Tips reader Just Jules writes: “Two friends and myself are going to share DJing duties for an upcoming birthday house party. We each use different software: Serato, Ableton and Traktor. None of us uses a controller that can accommodate all three of these software types, so we’ll each have a different controller.”

“Post-controller, pre-PA, I had planned to patch each of us through a small PA-style mixer. But should I use a mixer like this, or would it perhaps be better to organise a more standard, club-style mixer for this job such as a Pioneer DJM-800? Or is there another solution I’m not thinking of? I had hoped to keep the amount (and size) of equipment to a minimum, but I don’t want to inhibit the quality of the show.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Well done for your ambition here! It can always be fun to mix up different DJs and systems, and I reckon you are going to have an amusing (if sometimes a bit messy) night’s DJing. Also, we have always recommended that DJs own a small mixer even if they are primarily controller users, and this is one of the types of scenario that show why we think it’s an important thing to own.

Frankly, you’re going to run into a certain amount of performance issues whatever type of mixer you have. You’ll need to get used to timing things manually, dropping cleanly fro DJ to do, and generally coordinating with each other. That’s where the fun lies, though, and why you’ll learn lots from the experience.

Set up way ahead of time, get your levels right on your “post controller” mixer, and practise for as long as it takes for you all to get comfortable with the set-up… and don’t worry if you have the off mess-up on the night. Have fun!

Have you ever set up a DJing system with several DJs, all playing on different platforms and gear? Or equally, set up any gear in a similar way? Any tips and tricks to share? Please do so in the comments.

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