Rane One Motorised Serato DJ Controller – All You Need To Know

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 31 January, 2023


Rane has announced the Rane One, a motorised DJ controller for Serato DJ that is aimed squarely at scratch DJs.

The $1500 two-channel controller has 7″ heavy duty players, based on those of the Rane Twelves, and a mixer that feels like a cut-down Rane Seventy, complete with FX paddles and a high-quality Mag Four XF crossfader, with curve adjustment for both the crossfader and the upfaders.

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The unit has full RGB rubberised pads for control of Serato’s performance features (including the new Scratch Bank function). Dampened start/stop buttons similar to those on turntables and on the Rane Twelves, two mic channels, an aux input, balanced master and booth outputs, and inputs for two extra decks, switchable from line to phono.

Rane One
The Rane One follows the classic controller layout, but with paddles for effects and touch strips for track search – alongside those stand-out motorised platters, of course.

The Rane One is about the same size as the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT, but with its all-metal construction and two high-torque direct drive motors to power the turntables, it is appreciably heavier, at 10kg.

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Other features include touch strips for moving through tracks, Slip mode, separate library encoders and buttons for each channel, dual USBs for easy DJ switchovers, and split cue for the headphones.

The Rane One unlocks Serato DJ Pro, although to use Pitch Play you’ll need the Pitch ‘n Time software Expansion Pack. Prices are $1499 / €1499 / £1299, and Rane says it will be “available globally in Q1 2021”.

• Find out more from Rane.com.

First thoughts

There are very few DJ controllers out there with motorised platters. Motorised platters are not necessary for DJing, but for scratch DJs (and especially those who have learned their trade on vinyl), they have a feel that cannot be replicated in any other way.

A DJ controller that combines the best parts of the Rane Twelves and Rane’s scratch mixers, all in a single unit that is relatively easy to transport and that costs under $1500, is something we suspect a lot of people will instantly fall in love with.

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Please do let us know what your thoughts on the Rane One are in the comments!

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