New Rane Gear! Seventy-Two MkII & Twelve MkII Launched

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 9 May, 2022


Rane has revitalised its flagship Seventy-Two mixer and Twelve motorised controller for 2020. The company has added a much-requested external crossfader tension adjuster to the Rane Seventy-Two MkII mixer, and meanwhile the Rane Twelve MkII gets new compatibility with Virtual DJ and Traktor, plus improvements to its controls.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the changes to both units, and give you our first thoughts.

Rane Seventy-Two MkII Serato scratch mixer

Rane Seventy-Two MkII
As well as the external crossfader tension adjust previously mentioned (which is now in addition to the internal one, the faders have been upgraded to Mag Four, making them the lightest and smoothest yet.

It is now possible to customise the parameter controls to act as silent cues, instant doubles or sync, depending upon the DJ’s preference. DVS now also works on the Aux input as well as the phone/CD inputs as previously, allowing for more flexible set ups.

Owners of the original Seventy-Two will be pleased to know that all of the software changes will be made available to them via a forthcoming firmware update, and that they will also be able to purchase and install Mag Four faders.

Rane Twelve MkII turntable controller

Rane Twelve MkII
The big news is that the Rane Twelve now works with Traktor and Virtual DJ, via USB Midi or DVS Audio, or a hybrid of the two, as well as Serato. The new OLED screen offers better control selection and a useful BPM display, and there’s a new navigation control offering scroll/load, back and instant doubles.

It’s a small thing, but the new plunger-style start/stop button is definitely a crowdpleaser – after all, it’s a control you have to use every time you use the turntable!

First thoughts

InMusic pretty much silenced the naysayers around Rane following its purchase of the company, continuing the brand’s legacy of high-end equipment for scratch, performance and battle DJs. Just as the MkIs, these units are built like tanks, and should last for many years.

While not everyone took to the built-in screen on the original Rane Seventy-Two mixer, the improvements to the controls in previous firmware updates and now with the MkII have improved usability – and there’s always the Rane Seventy mixer for those who really don’t see the need for the extra complication of a built-in Serato display.

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Meanwhile, the Rane Twelve has always, of course, been in a category of its own – that of “turntable controller”. It has always had appeal to modern scratch DJs, who really don’t need the tonearm and control vinyl to perform in Relative made on their software (the Phase wireless scratch system, of course, solves the same problem, in a radically different way).

The hardware changes in the Rane Twelve MkII are thoughtful, but of course the big one is expanded software compatibility, for Traktor and Virtual DJ. Now, will they ever find a way of getting these units to work with Rekordbox? A leap too far? Possibly, but never say never…

As a set (the mixer and two Twelves), this set-up continues to offer a unique and compelling way to control DJ software.

• More info over at the Rane website.

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