Rekordbox 6.6.4 To Stream Direct From BPM Supreme

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 1 June, 2022


Use Rekordbox, and also have a BPM Supreme download pool subscription? With the forthcoming Rekordbox 6.6.4, you’ll be able to stream directly from BPM Supreme, which is the latest streaming service to join SoundCloud, TIDAL, Beatport and Beatsource inside the software.

Rekordbox users will be able to build playlists and play directly from BPM Supreme, applying hot cues and loops in the same way as with the other streaming platforms, with access to “millions” of tunes. BPM Supreme’s streaming service is a new one on us, but apparently you can subscribe for upwards of $20, with offline track access too.

Loud & cloud

Another change in the new version of Rekordbox is “Cloud Analysis”. This is a cloud-based communal library of waveform, BPM, beatgrid and vocal position info, maintained by Pioneer DJ, and linked into by Rekordbox. When you load a track for the first time and wish to analyse it, Rekordbox will first check to see if the track info is already in the cloud, and if so, grab that info from the cloud rather than perform the analysis on your computer.

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Conversely, should you load a track that isn’t in the cloud library, your analysis data will be added to that library for other users to access down the line. It’s an interesting sounding feature, although I don’t think I’d trust beatgrids I hadn’t checked personally myself.

• Rekordbox v 6.6.4 will be available for download sometime this summer, although there’s no confirmed date of release yet.

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