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ADJ Mega TriPar Profile LED Review

Last updated 5 November, 2021


The Lowdown

Powerful, versatile and thoroughly modern – any DJ wanting to add some simple, effective and great value lighting to their set-up should seriously consider one or more of these.

Video Review

In Use

The unit has multi-colour modes, five standalone modes, dimming 0-100%, built-in mic for sound-to-light modes, three-pin DMX connectors, and is compatible with ADJ’s LED remote control. The built-in modes include static colour modes, auto-run modes (which can fade and switch colours) and also some sound-to-light modes.

The mic reacts reasonably well and the sound-to-light performance is good. I still prefer DMX set-ups for an appreciable extra dimension of control, but it works good in the standalone modes and can easily be adjusted with the remote (it isn’t included, by the way).

Mega Tripar Profile rear
Clear LEDs and daisy-chaining power options make these units versatile and easy to set up.

Like the MegaGo Par, the units’ power adaptors can be daisy-chained, so you can operate up to 25 on one power outlet, which is very nice when mounting a row of them on a truss way up. The built-in LED screen makes the set-up easy as you can see quickly what you’re doing, and setting up DMX addresses is as easy as it gets.

Speaking of DMX, the unit can operate in up to seven channels – as always a rundown of the DMX channels is included in the review video.

I also want to mention that the built quality is really good, I am not really someone who goes easy on lighting gear, but the unit survived my truck and set-up without a scratch, which I cannot say for all my equipment.

The included fold-up mounting boom, the rubber feet on the backside and the easy-to-get-to ports and connectors make the unit very versatile.


The Mega Tripar Profile is versatile, especially thanks to the power daisy chain for linking up multiple devices, and does indeed deliver on its promise to give high light output for just 5 LEDs. It’s also undeniably great value for money.

There aren’t really any minuses, except the lack of a remote control in the box; even the built quality held up to my less than gentle handling. Overall, I think for below 100 bucks street price, this unit is a steal – hell of a lot of bang for the buck.

I can imagine replacing most of my usual cans with such a system and throwing out the array of dimmer packs I have to carry around. A winner.

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