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American Audio 10MXR Mixer Review

Christian Yates
Last updated 4 October, 2018


The Lowdown

The American Audio 10MXR is a basic two-channel mixer but has controls for many features of DJ software, as well as a built-in audio interface. It’s a cheap entry point if you want to build a modular DJ system, especially if you’re say a mobile DJ who has analogue sources and wants to incorporate digital music too.

First Impressions / Setting up

The American Audio 10MXR is a two-channel Midi-enabled mixer with a built-in sound card that lets the DJ start right away without having to purchase extra equipment. Out of the box, the 10MXR can work as a standalone mixer, a USB DJ sound card, or as a full digital DJ controller and comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE software.

In Use

The 10MXR has a solid metal construction with rubberised knobs and faders which is great value for its entry-level price. It is also compact in size, suitable for a Mobile DJ or a small modular DJ set-up.

In use, the 10MXR is a reliable plug-and-play mixer. DJs who prefer modular set-ups will like the compact size and no frills connectivity with two pairs of RCAs for each channel input and a pair of balanced XLR outputs.

The layout is clean and there are a good number of mappable Midi buttons and DJ features to let you start right away. For beginners, the 10MXR can be used together with the bundled Virtual DJ LE software to play their set without the need to buy additional controllers.


The American Audio 10MX is a solid two-channel mixer in a neat package and entry level price. It’s for the DJ who wants a compact set-up or a reliable backup to bring to their events. This mixer is also great for beginners because of the price, ease of use, and Midi capabilities out of the box.

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