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Decksaver DJ Gear Covers Review

Last updated 26 October, 2021


Video Review

In Use

Smart, fully fitted and transparent (they’re made of polycarbonate, the same stuff they use in the manufacturing process for bulletproof glass, though we didn’t fire a bullet at our DDJ-SX…), the range covers everything from tiny modular devices up to pro mixing desks. The company now has two ranges, with a more budget-oriented selection for lower-end DJ controllers alongside the main range, although that “LE” range only has a couple of models at the time of writing. That said, the case we look at it today’s video is made for the Pioneer DDJ-SX (not a small controller), is in the standard DJ range, as still can be had online for around £40 in the UK.

When we were filming in the Ministry of Sound earlier this year, we noticed they’re using Decksaver covers on all their main DJ booth gear, and we’re going to do the same here at Digital DJ Tips in the new studio we’re setting up. (For the first time ever we’re having a “permanent” set-up because we’re teaching a new week-by-week advanced mixing course that’ll need it ready to go at all times.)


So even if your DJ gear never leaves home, we’re recommending these; they’re always going to be cooler than a bedsheet thrown over your gear! And if you take your gear in and out of a backpack or trolley bag regularly as you set up and pack away again at gigs, I reckon one is pretty much essential: the knobs and faders on your controller will thank you for it, and we’ve yet to find a DJ bag or case that won’t fit a Decksaver as well as the controller it was designed for.

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