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Decksaver for Traktor Kontrol S2 Review

Last updated 15 November, 2021

The Lowdown

Protecting your investment should always be a priority. The case looks good, has a subtle Decksaver logo moulded into it, and fits snugly on the Kontrol S2.

In Use

So you’ve got a spanking new DJ controller. It’s all very well having it carefully packed into a padded bag (like the excellent Namba bags we reviewed this year on Digital DJ Tips) for when you’re out and about, but what about when it’s sat unused at home, or in the venue you play in?

That’s where Decksaver gear covers play their part. Decksaver does a good job of keeping bang up to date with new gear as it comes out and has recently announced covers for the DDJ-ERGO-V, Numark NS6 and Traktor Kontrol S2. We took a closer look at the Kontrol S2 cover.

If you remember Technics record decks, you’ll know they had a hard acrylic cover to keep them dust-free and protected when not in use. The Decksaver covers are pretty similar, although they just fit snugly rather than have hinges. They’re also slightly softer and lighter than the rigid plastic of the Technics lids, being polycarbonate in construction.

They’re made by a bigger company that specialises in plastic mouldings, and that expertise shows: The bigger cases (we’ve also seen the NS6 case) overcome design considerations to remain rigid, fitting well when covering large control surfaces.

The ins and outs are all accessible with the cover on, so no need to unplug to ‘pack away’.

However, the Traktor Kontrol S2 cover doesn’t have to worry too much about that, being made for a mid-sized controller that to the team at Decksaver must have felt like pretty much a bread and butter job. The case looks good, has a subtle Decksaver logo moulded into it, and fits snugly.


There’s really not an awful lot more you can say, other than if you’ve got a new controller for Christmas, get online and get yourself a cover (and a bag) ordered for it – you’ll thank yourself in the long run, because controllers aren’t cheap, and not protecting your investment is definitely a false economy.

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