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Gemini CDJ-650 Media Player Review

Joey Santos
Last updated 4 October, 2018


The Lowdown

The Gemini CDJ-650 is a media player that replaces the old CDJ-600, and is basically a smaller version of the Gemini CDJ-700. It loses the touch-control screen, SD card support, onboard effects, and start/stop time adjusters, but apart from that and the smaller form factor it packs most of what the CDJ-700 does. This is nonetheless a great replacement for the CDJ-600 and remains good value.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Gemini CDJ-650 is an entry level CDJ with the most basic functions in an inexpensive price. It is able to play media thru mp3 and audio CDs, as well as a USB stick. It’s also natively mapped as a Midi controller for Traktor and Virtual DJ software.

In Use

In many ways, the CJD-650 is identical to the CDJ-700 minus the touchscreen and SD Card Reader. Users like the compact design of the CDJ-650, and although plasticky, they feel like they are going to last as long as they don’t take a hard beating.

The CDJ-650 are great value for beginners who are buying their first media player and can’t afford Pioneer DJ players yet. It provides standard features with no added gimmicks: It has loop controls, three hot cues, pitch control, and a nice full-colour screen. One of the common gripes for this unit is the inability to link two or more units together. That means you have to make a separate copy of your USB library for each deck. Lastly, the jogwheels though responsive and great for mixing, are still not up to par for scratching.


The Gemini CDJ-650 is just a step below the Gemini CDJ-700 that will save you a hundred dollars on a pair. They are a good pair of media players to start on and have comparable features to your standard Pioneers, which means you’re getting CDJs you can use for home practice. Just don’t expect the build quality to be stellar.

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