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Gemini PMX-10 Mixer and Controller Review

Roy Macasaet
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Last updated 4 February, 2019

The Lowdown

The Gemini PMX-10 is a two-channel mixer with a built-in four input / four output interface. It’s got 16 RGB pads for triggering hot cues and sample pads, two pairs of phono / line inputs for hooking up turntables and DJ media players, as well as a USB connection for hooking up to your laptop. It also works standalone, letting you route audio through it without the need for a computer.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Gemini PMX-10 is a compact two-channel mixer with four input and output interface built-in. There are 16 programmable RGB pads for triggering samples and cues, a stereo pair of phono/line inputs, a combo jack, a dedicated mic channel that is connected by a 1/4″ port and a USB input for connecting to your laptop. It works with Virtual DJ and you can plug in your turntables and spin with DVS.

In Use

Both channels have a three-band EQ, gain and filter knob alongside eight pads on each side for triggering samples. The PMX-10 also has digital effects built-in and are controlled by several knobs on both sides. In the middle are the master and monitoring knobs and the master signal meter and crossfade.


All in all, the PMX-10 is a solid performer both as a mixer and controller, and is an affordable heart of a budget DVS set-up for DJs who want to get started spinning with timecode vinyl and turntables.

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