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HEDD Type 05 Studio Monitors Review

Roy Macasaet
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Last updated 25 October, 2021

The Lowdown

The HEDD Type 05’s are mid-range active studio monitors ideal for mixing and audio production. We’re impressed by the transparent sound signature and extensive spec sheet and is a solid choice in the competitive mid-range monitor market.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Type 05’s are equipped with a robust connection system that can read Dante (Audio-over-IP) alongside more familiar analogue XLR and RCA connectors. The Type 05s frequency range is 45Hz until 50kHz and has a 6″ woofer and HEDD’s special Air Motion Transfer technology in place of a traditional tweeter. Build quality is solid on the Type 05s with all wood construction for the enclosure and high-quality components on the back and especially HEDD’s AMT technology.
At the back, there are knobs for low and high-frequency adjustments for your room, a gain knob and an input switcher.

In Use

When you fire up the HEDD Type 05’s, the first thing that will jump out is the amount of detail in the mids which is ideal for critical mix decisions. Thanks to the 6″ woofer, the Type 05’s does not have a problem re-creating lower bass frequencies but we still suggest you pair these up with paired subwoofers for accurate sub-bass balancing. One of the stand-out features of the Type 05 is its ability to read Dante information which can be accessed by opening up the HEDD Bridge module at the back. From there, it was quite easy to set the audio up through our limited testing. For $599, there is a lot of technology to be had with the Type 05’s. There is a lot of competition in this price range though, so do yourselves a favour and read the other studio monitor reviews on this site.


Overall, the HEDD Type 05 is a very competent pair of monitor speakers at a price point filled with competition. If you value Dante connectivity highly, there is no other choice in its price range.

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