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Hercules DJControl Compact Controller Review

Christian Yates
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 October, 2018

The Lowdown

Arguably one of the most portable DJ controllers around. It fits very easily into a carrying bag or laptop shoulder bag and provides all of the essential DJing functionality in an ultra-portable design with ergonomics that adapt well to a laptop. Two deck DJ controller including two jog wheels, four modes (Loop, FX, Samples and Cue), four pads per deck, two EQs per deck, a crossfader, and ten control buttons including a Shift button allowing you to double all of the pad controls.

First Impressions / Setting up

It’s a tiny two-channel controller, something that could possibly even sit on top of your laptop. It’s got two decks, and each deck has sync and transport controls, and four performance pads with four selectable functions: Loop, FX, Sample, and Cue.

The mixer section has volume knobs and two-channel EQs for each channel, along with a crossfader at the bottom.

The jogwheel has two modes: Scratch and Pitch Bend. When you’ve got Scratch enabled, the jogwheels let you scratch the track that you’ve got loaded in the DJUCED virtual decks. When Pitch Bend is enabled, the jogs let you speed up or slow down the track.


It’s a compact and portable controller for DJing wherever, whenever. Folk who purchased it say that it works well not just with DJUCED software, but with Virtual DJ too. Amazon reviews say that it’s well-priced for what it does, is a great value and is a good controller for beginners. Some negatives include the controller not being compatible with Chromebook laptops (there aren’t any DJ apps on ChromeOS at the moment) and that it looks like a toy.

Overall, the reviews of this device have been positive and we can recommend it for casual DJing.

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