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Magma CTRL Case For Akai Pro AMX/AFX Review

Last updated 15 November, 2021


The Lowdown

Such a case is a good idea if you play out using one of these modular controllers, as it doubles up as a stand when you get there. Grippier, more rubberised “feet” would have got it a slightly higher score, but apart from that, it’s great for the job.

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Full CTRL Case Review

Cases are cases, right? Well, maybe (although some definitely are better than others), but we wanted to cover this little case today because it’s for what is turning out to be a very popular brace of controllers (the Akai Pro AMX and Akai Pro AFX), and it has a nice little twist giving it a “double life”. Let’s find out more…

It’s neat, in the usual durable black nylon, with eggbox foam inside and a soft, felt-like lining There’s a three-sided zip and a small carrying handle. The device of your choice (they are both exactly the same size) fits snugly within, and there’s even a small amount of room for a USB cable, too.

When you arrive at your gig and want to set it up, the nice thing about the case is that once you’ve got the unit out, you can zip the case up again and it doubles up as a stand. It has two chunky plastic feet/grips that while not “grippy” like rubberised feet, do nonetheless protect the casing itself from dirt when you use it this way.

The unit fits snugly within, although you can still tuck in your USB lead.

This extra use for the case is good because the Akai Pro units are shallow, so raising them up to the height of, say, a turntable and mixer (two items the AFX is often sandwiched between in a typical DVS set-up) makes it much easier to use the unit when DJing.



It protects your unit in transit, it doubles up as a stand for it in use, and it’ll set you back nothing more than around $30/€25 – a small price to pay for either function, a bit of a no-brainer for both.

Unless you only DJ at home, you really ought to protect all of your gear with appropriate cases, and the Magma CTRL case does the job just fine for these Akai Pro units.

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