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Magma Vektor Stand Review

Joey Santos
Read time: 1 min
Last updated 4 October, 2018


The Lowdown

The Magma Vektor DJ stand has a design that’s similar to the now-iconic (but pricey) Crane Stand. The Vektor is designed to support a laptop, DJ controller, or other production equipment like the Native Instruments Maschine, Ableton Push 2 or Novation Launchpad. The stand can be easily folded away and quickly reassembled to the height and angle you require, and the base is thin enough to be placed underneath a mixer, turntable, or controller. This makes it an ideal solution for laptop DJs in cramped DJ booths.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Magma Vektor is a multipurpose stand for your laptop and DJ gear. With a number of adjustable parts, it’s a straightforward stand that can do a few more that your typical stand.

In Use

The Vektor is a solid metal stand with thick non-slip rubber rings that will likely last during its lifetime of use. Its design makes it a more flexible stand than others out in the market.

Users like having two legs on the Vektor which makes it more stable. It then has a single height-adjustable neck that connects the legs to the platform that holds the gear. Unlike other stands, this platform can turn 360 degrees while the legs remain stationary – the angle of the platform is also adjustable. You cannot totally remove the wobble on the Vektor but you can convert it from a traditional parallel shape to a Z-shape format, which is more stable. Users were able to load up to a 17” laptop on the Vektor with no problem, so you’re assured it can handle your expensive MacBooks and gear – just make sure you tighten those knobs well.

The Vektor is easy to set up and disassemble, it closes down nicely into a neat flat package and comes with a cloth bag to keep it in.


Straightforward but with a little extra, the Vektor is a solid laptop stand for both home studio and heavy gig use. Recommended.

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