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Magma Workstation Flight Case For Pioneer DDJ-SZ Review

Last updated 3 November, 2021


The Lowdown

It’s a solid case that provides more than enough protection for your DDJ-SZ, and could actually save you space thanks to the glide tray that slides out. It’s a lot heavier than most, though, even without the DDJ-SZ in it, so you’d want to keep that in mind.

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In Use

The case is made of 9mm laminated plywood and aluminium, with four butterfly locks on either side of the case. There are two wheels at the bottom of the Magma Workstation, allowing you to roll the case around, which is essential as it turns into quite a substantial piece of luggage when fitted with a DDJ-SZ inside.

Once we got the hefty top lid off, we’re greeted by the glide tray where you can place your laptop, external hard drive or other controller on (we placed a pair of CDJ-850s on top of it!). It has a pair of straps to hold whatever you’ve put on top of it in place while in transport, but you wouldn’t want to store something like your laptop in this while travelling (it’s a flight case for your controller, not your computer!). There’s a hole on the upper left portion of the tray where you can run cables through.

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The Magma Workstation’s glide tray lets you place an additional layer of gear (usually your laptop) which you can slide out of the way.

Also inside are foam inserts that ensure your DDJ-SZ doesn’t move around during transport, or if you’re using this with another large controller that isn’t the DDJ-SZ (eg Numark NS7II), they’re there for you to place inside the case to give it a snug fit. The front of the case has a removable piece that lets you access the headphone jacks and crossfader curve adjustment knob.

It’s a perfect fit for the DDJ-SZ, and we had absolutely no problem sticking it in and taking it out. With the controller inside, there’s a small space at the bottom of the case for storing small items and, possibly, some cable management accessories like ties and velcro straps.


We really liked this case: It’s solid, provides more than enough protection for your DDJ-SZ, and actually saves you space if you’re running a complex set-up involving auxiliary controllers and effects unit, thanks to the glide tray that slides out. What we don’t like about it is the weight; it’s easily a two-person job taking it inside a busy club for a gig, and perhaps those two persons could use some supervision carrying the entire package heading out from the show after a few pints… 😉

The Workstation comes with extra foam inserts to keep stuff inside the case from moving around.

With that said, you could look at the Magma Workstation’s heft and size as a distinct positive: Your DDJ-SZ isn’t going to be rattling about onboard a plane’s cargo hold, and should any ill-intentioned fellow have any thoughts about nicking your gear, you can be sure it won’t be easy!

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