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Midi Fighter 3D Controller Review

Christian Yates
Last updated 4 October, 2018


The Lowdown

Designed to control button-friendly functions in Traktor, Ableton or Serato Scratch live (but configurable to any Midi software), unique twist is a gyroscope that lets you control an X/Y function too. This function would benefit from it not having a wire attached, and the jury’s out on how many DFJs want to wave their controllers in the air, but kudos to DJ TechTools for trying something new.

First Impressions / Setting up

The Midi Fighter 3D is a compact MIDI controller with 16 arcade style buttons, 4 banks and shift buttons, and a motion tracking functionality at its core.

The buttons are all mappable with a good range of customisability with its RGB lighting. You can map events with the very expressive motion sensor functionality. Turning the device forwards, backwards and sideways all provide control to different effects such as crushes and filters.

In Use

The Midi Fighter 3D has a nice weight to it when you pick it up and feels very sturdy. The arcade buttons have a nice feel to them and are large enough that you will not miss them during a performance.

The backlight on the buttons are bright. The way the Midi Fighter indicates how much of the effect you’re using is very accurate as it lights up whichever side you’re tilting it to.

The only real downside is that it is still wired, as an Amazon reviewer pointed out, and pulling the cable during a set is something to keep in mind.


The Midi Fighter 3D is not only compact but is also very unique thanks to its motion control functionality. The construction is solid, especially the arcade-style buttons and the motion control is quite expressive and reliable. One reviewer pointed out how useful the visual feedback is when engaging the effects.

If you want to give your sets a different flavour, the Midi Fighter 3D is a great choice because of its functionality, looks and compact size.

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