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Numark DJ2GO2 Touch Review

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 9 January, 2023


The Lowdown

The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch is a two-channel portable controller for Serato DJ. It’s an update to the well-loved DJ2GO2 that adds touch-capacitive jogwheels, meaning you can now scratch with them while DJing. Frankly, for $89, it’s a no brainer for all Serato users. Limited of course, but still recommended both for new DJs and as a backup controller for gigging pros.

Video Review

First Impressions / Setting up

Numark’s DJ2GO2 Touch is the latest incarnation of the company’s popular pocket controller for Serato DJ, that adds a crucial new feature over the DJ2GO2 – touch-sensitive jogwheels. The short version of this review is: If you don’t own one of these (or the Hercules Starlight, which is a very similar controller) and you’re a Serato user, buy one. They’re insanely useful! Now read on for more detail…

In the box is the controller, a minijack to RCA audio lead for plugging in your speaker or speakers, an old-style USB lead for plugging in to your Mac or PC, and a card detailing how to get your Serato DJ Lite software, which is free.

You’ll need a speaker that can accept an Aux In, and the supplied lead is 2 x RCA, so if your portable Bluetooth speaker (for instance) has the more typical minijack aux in, you’ll need a different lead to the one in the box to get it working. You can’t use this with your computer’s built-in speaker easily; you do need an external speaker.

To get music into it you need a local music collection, or a paid subscription to Tidal or SoundCloud, allowing you to DJ with streaming music – Tidal being the best choice for a beginner DJ with no music of their own, as you can usually get at least a month’s free trial and then it’s around US$10 a month.

Either way, with your headphones plugged in, a speaker wired up, software downloaded and music hooked up, you’re ready to go.

In Use

The DJ2GO2 Touch has a USB port for connecting to your laptop, an 1/8″ headphone jack and an 1/8″ master output for connecting to speakers.

It may be basic, but it has all you need to mix and mix well – I know of radio DJs who play on national commercial radio who prepare their mixes on this on planes and in hotel rooms which then get broadcast.

Each deck has play/pause, cue and sync buttons, a short-throw but acceptable pitch control, and – crucially for this new version – a touch-sensitive jogwheel. This means that you can nudge your tracks using the edge of the wheel, and scratch using the metal top part. This is a huge improvement over the DJ2GO2 – indeed, it’s the only change.

The buttons are all hard plastic, including the four “pads” which are really just switches, controlling auto loop, manual loop, four hot cues, and four sample slots. Each channel has a volume control but no EQs, and a headphone selector button for cueing. Buttons are all backlit and it looks quite nice when all powered up. There are no VU meters onboard.

There’s a simple push rotary encoder with 1 and 2 load buttons for library browsing – and really, that’s it. A basic controller no wider than the laptop you’ll use it with that’s easy to throw into a bag, and that’s fun to DJ with across two decks in Serato. Limited, but fun.



The DJ2GO2 Touch makes one of the most fun (and cheapest) controllers even better. If you’re a Serato DJ user, go get it.

This was already a much-loved controller, but eclipsed by the Hercules Starlight, which was first in this form factor to provide touch sensitive jogwheels. Now, the Numark device has caught up. Frankly, for $89, it’s a no brainer for all Serato users.

It works with Serato DJ Pro, the “paid for” version of the software, which is definitely worth getting if you get serious about DJing, providing more features including better auto looping, and recording.

For pro DJs wanting a backup or second controller, for DJs just starting out who want all the essential features, and indeed for parents looking for something for a kid, it’s great. Shell out for a TIDAL subscription too and you have all you need to learn all the essential skills of DJing and to play your first parties – and with the touch-sensitive jogs, even to start to learn to scratch.

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