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Reloop Elite Mixer Review

Last updated 9 January, 2019



The Lowdown

Reloop Elite is a premium two-channel mixer for Serato DJ. It was unveiled alongside the new RP-8000MK2 turntable, and they are meant to be used together as a top-shelf digital DJ turntable set-up.The Reloop Elite has eight performance pads per channel with eight pad modes (including Hot Cue, Loop Roll, and Slicer), three-band EQs, an onboard USB 2.0 sound card, looping controls, knobs and buttons for browsing and loading tracks onto Serato DJ’s decks, and extensive FX sections to control Serato DJ’s effects. It also has two OLED displays onboard that show information like BPM, effect settings, and other parameters. The onboard volume faders and crossfader are Mini Innofader Pros.

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