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Roland BA-330 PA System Review

Roy Macasaet
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 25 October, 2021

The Lowdown

The Roland BA-330 is an all-in-one, portable PA system for DJs and performers on the go. It packs a full sound with a high enough headroom and we’d recommend it for smaller, more intimate gigs.

First Impressions / Setting up

The BA-330 can be powered by eight AA batteries or AC, four 6.5″ speakers and two tweeters and four channels: two mics/instrument inputs and two stereo inputs. Each channel has a dedicated volume and tone knob. Outputs are plenty if you want to connect to other speakers either via TRS or XLR. Available aux input for playback from smartphones and music players. The enclosure of the BA-330 is made up of durable plastic that can endure travelling and outdoor use. Being made of plastic also makes it a lot lighter.

In Use

Thanks to the multiple speakers in the BA-330, the bass and detail are clear during use with playback and voice sounding great on it in particular. An anti-feedback switch, though simple, is a nice touch with some useable reverb and delay effects built-in as well. All the knobs are located at the back of the BA-330 and they provide enough control though we may have preferred more tone shaping options outside of a single tone knob. The Roland BA-330 is sold for a reasonable $619.99 which is a great deal if you’re looking for something to carry around to gigs that don’t need a large PA system. Amazon reviewers praised the amount of headroom, clarity and simplicity of the BA-330. A reviewer did mention that the BA-330 does not take instruments like keyboards well due to headroom issues.


An excellent choice for DJs looking for a portable PA system, the Roland BA-330 provides a great amount of volume and clarity to your sound at a good enough price point.

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