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Samson M30 Monitor Speakers Review

Roy Macasaet
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 11 October, 2021

The Lowdown

The Samson M30’s are a pair of inexpensive monitors for DJs or audio enthusiasts on a budget. They may not be the most accurate pair of studio monitors but the low price makes it attractive for both beginners and seasoned vets looking for an additional set of speakers.

First Impressions / Setting up

You can connect your M30’s to your system either by RCA or 1/8″, with a convenient headphone jack in the front. You can connect a pair of stereo subs by another pair of 1/8″ connectors at the back of each monitor. The construction is made up of wood with a rather large tweeter casing and a 3″ woofer. Each monitor is powered by a 10-watt amplifier along with a bass boost option in the back.

In Use

The Samson M30’s sound signature is a lot more scooped which gives us the impression that it is better suited for multimedia consumption rather than making critical mix decisions with them. The bass is prominent with the mids and highs have some colouration to them which is great for watching movies or casually listening to music. There is a limited number of output options for the M30’s which also gives away the fact that they are not meant to be your main set of monitors. Bedroom producers who are operating on a limited budget will be pleased though since 1/8″ connectors are cheaper than XLR cables though the former are more prone to noise.
We would highly recommend the M30’s as a second pair of monitors for reference mostly because of the inexpensive price tag. Amazon reviewers mention how good the Samson M30’s are as an upgrade to some of the budget consumer speakers out there while some mention how uneven the frequency response is.


All in all, the Samson M30’s may not be the pair of monitor speakers you are looking for if you want a clear, balanced sound but are affordable enough for producers who are starting out or for DJs looking for a second set of speakers without breaking the bank.

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