Serato Users: Get The Flip Expansion For $1

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 4 April, 2021

In one of its periodic offer, Serato is letting Serato DJ Pro users have the Flip expansion pack for just a dollar, instead of its usual price of $39.

Flip “records” what you do when you trigger cue points (and also when you trigger “censor” actions – hitting the censor button to “delete” curse words in tracks), and “saves” that version (or “flip”) of your track as part of the original music file.

When you (or anyone else) loads that MP3 into their Flip-enabled Serato DJ Pro software, the option is there to play the “flipped” version (you can have multiple flips in one track) instead of the original. Your track will then be played back complete with cue jumps and censor actions activated as you originally performed them.

Learn to use Flip and all Serato features: Serato Made Easy

As Serato says, this way you can “easily extend, shorten, edit, remix or reshuffle… with Serato Flip you have the power to reimagine tracks in unlimited ways and make seamless transitions. Use Flip with Quantize cue points on to get perfect edits every time.”

Get it now (this offer won’t least long if previous similar offers are anything to go by) from the offer page.

Video demo

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