Now You Can Export From Virtual DJ To USB Sticks For CDJs – Including Stems!

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 19 November, 2021

Virtual DJ’s Summer 2021 Edition is out, and it has some mind-blowing new features, the biggest of which is that you can export your library from Virtual DJ to a pen drive, and then DJ with it on Pioneer DJ CDJs in the pro DJ booth – goodbye Rekordbox.

But it gets better – you can also use Virtual DJ’s stems separation feature to export stems automatically when exporting to a pen drive in this way, which is of course something Rekordbox cannot do for you.

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Apart from these new export features, Virtual DJ has added the ability to treat all the stems separately in a track when DJing – so you can now apply different tricks and effects to different stems, like scratching only the vocals of the song, looping only the beats, or filtering only the melody.

Other changes

Other big changes are in the area of library management and track filtering. Now you can set up filter criteria and instantly apply them to the current library view with the click of a button, including changing the colours of tracks in a view. Plus the method for building custom filter folders has been greatly simplified.

And one thing we really liked: you can use hashtags in any comment fields. This is great for tagging tunes that work well together across genres etc.

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It’s a big update and there are a host of other changes we haven’t had time to dig into yet, so check it out for yourself!

Virtual DJ owners can, as ever, upgrade for free, and there is a free version for you to try out available. More info on the Virtual DJ website.

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