You Can Now Import Your Rekordbox Library Into Denon DJ’s Engine Prime App

Joey Santos
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Last updated 18 September, 2020


Denon DJ just announced an update to its Engine Prime music management app that lets you import your Rekordbox music collection into the Engine Prime library. This feature sits alongside the ability to import collections from Traktor, Serato DJ, and iTunes, the speed of which has also been improved in this version.

This means you can quickly transfer and convert your playlists and songs while keeping important track data like hot cues intact. It makes it easier to spin with your existing DJ library using Engine Prime-enabled gear like the SC5000 Prime media player or the Prime 4 standalone system because you don’t have to re-import your music collection into the Engine Prime library, and create playlists and add hot cues all over again.

Apart from the Engine Prime update, firmware updates to Denon DJ’s Prime hardware have also been released: You can now create and edit playlists and crates on the SC5000 Prime and SC5000M Prime without the need for a laptop, key change and key sync features have been added, and high-frequency audio playback has been improved, among other tweaks. The X1800 Prime mixer also gets a firmware update, with the OLED screen getting an adjustable brightness and dim mode, alongside other improvements.

Engine Prime is key to Denon DJ’s assault on the DJ booth because music management is a huge part of DJing. Being able to transfer your music collection with hot cues and other metadata intact makes it easier to switch on over to the Denon DJ ecosystem, and could very well be the push needed to entice DJs who are on the fence. It couldn’t have come at a better time now that the Prime 4 has started shipping.

Check the promo video below.

Promo Video

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