All About Sound Cards for Digital DJing

Numark DJ IO

The Numark DJ I/O is a good value and popular DJ soundcard.

Several readers have been asking about sound cards: What they are, why they need them, why they don't seem to work at times. The popularity of the Numark Mixtrack (which doesn't have one) seems to have precipitated this flurry of questions.

So in this article we're going to answer these questions, and show you a cheeky trick that can help you to DJing without a sound card at all!

What is a sound card?
In short, a sound card simply turns digital computer music files (eg MP3s) into actual audio signals that can be amplified and played, just like when you amplify the signal from a CD player.

Your computer already has one built in: When you play a tune on iTunes, or watch a YouTube video, or make a Skype call, your computer's sound card is turning the MP3, video or other person's voice into sound.

If my computer has a sound card, why do I need to have a separate one for digital DJing?
If you get a DJ program on your computer such as Virtual DJ or Traktor, it will work fine without a sound card. You can drag tunes onto your virtual decks, hit play, and the music will either come out of your laptop or PC's built-in speakers, or if you have some speakers plugged in to your sound out socket, out of those.

Traktor Pro audio settings

Configuring Traktor Pro\'s audio settings.

As a new DJ, then, especially if you're just messing around with a trial version of a DJ program, you may wonder why you need a sound card at all. The answer is simple: without one, you can't listen to the next piece of music you want to play without it coming out of your existing speakers - the ones that are already playing the current tune!

So what a sound card does is provide you with TWO sound outputs - one to plug your normal speakers into (which if you were performing, would be the big speakers playing to your audience) and a second one to plug your headphones into. With a pair of headphones around your neck, you not only look like a DJ, but now you can actually act like one, preparing (or "cueing") the next tune safely in your headphones while your DJ software plays the current one out of the main output.

What does a sound card look like?
It's normally a box that plugs into a spare USB socket on your computer, and has multiple outputs - maybe two sets of red and white phono cables, 1/8" sockets (like on an iPod for your headphones), 1/4" headphone sockets or other less common outputs. It usually takes its power direct from your computer.

The common thing they all have is that they're designed for you to be able to plug your sound equipment into them. (Sometimes you may even use two "normal" sound cards with only one output on each to get the same effect, especially on desktop PCs. The crucial thing is to have two separate sound outputs.)

OK, I get that. I've got a sound card but I still can't get it to work like you say!
This is down to the sound settings on your PC and software: Somewhere in the configuration settings of your DJ software will be a panel that lets you change these vital settings.

Setting up a sound card in Virtual DJ.

Setting up a sound card in Virtual DJ.

First, you have to tell the DJ software which available sound outputs to use. You select "sound card" or "audio setup" or something similar in the settings or configuration panel of your software, and select your sound card from the available options. (If you can't see these settings, the first thing to do is ensure that any necessary drivers for the sound card are installed and up to date.)

Next, you have to tell the software what to send to at least two of the outputs of your sound card. You'd normally send the "master" output to one set of outputs, and the "cue" or "headphones" output to the other one. Now you plug your speakers and headphones into the correct outputs and you're ready to go.

What if I have an external mixer and want to use that to DJ in the old-fashioned way? Can I use that?
You can - you simply set one of your decks to come out of one set of sound card outputs, and one to come out of the other (that's actually how Virtual DJ is set up on the screengrab you can see above).

I have an external DJ controller. Do I still need a sound card?
That depends on your controller. Many popular controllers, like the Vestax VCI-100 and the Numark Mixtrack, don't have a sound card built in, so you must have one.

Hang on! Didn't you say there was a trick that means I can get away without needing a sound card?

Setting up Virtual DJ to work with a mono separated signal, avoiding using a soundcard at all.

Setting up Virtual DJ to work with a mono separated signal, avoiding using a soundcard at all.

Yup, sure is. It depends on your DJ software, but if it offers a "mono separated" output, you're in luck. How is this? Well, when we've been talking about two sound outputs, of course we've really meant four, because each output has two channels, a left and a right, to make the stereo signal. But you can take advantage of this to have two completely separate outputs, just in mono instead. (Before you say "I don't want to DJ in mono", you may be surprised to know that the majority of club sound systems are mono anyway...)

To pull this trick off, you just need a lead that splits the signal coming from your PC's one sound output, sending one channel to one lead and the other to the other. You then concoct a way of plugging your headphones into one and your amplifer and speakers into the other.

You may need to head down to your local hi-fi shop and may even have to start hacking leads up to do it, but hey - if you're trying to avoid shelling out for a sound card, you're going to have to do some work here! Google "DJ Y-cable" too and you'll find plenty of DIY instructions in geeky forums to help you with this.

Native Instruments Audio 2 is another surefire winner around the same price.

Native Instruments Audio 2 is another surefire winner around the same price.

Recommend me a sound card, then!
We'll review popular sound cards elsewhere at some point, but you can't really go wrong with a
Numark DJ I/O
or a
Native Instruments Audio 2
(so you know, these product links are from our affiliated store Musician's Friends, which guarantees the cheapest prices and free delivery, US only).

Isn't there an easier way?
Yes. If you're going to use a DJ controller with your DJ software (and while it's possible to DJ without one - I did for years when controllers were more trouble than they were worth - nowadays most digital DJs use some kind of controller) just make sure you buy one with a built-in sound card. This makes things really simple as you just plug the controller into the laptop, your speakers and headphones into the controller, and off you go.

Controllers like the Hercules DJ Console RMX, the Vestax Typhoon and Spin, and VCI-300 and the weighty Numark NS7 are all like this. If you want the simplest possible digital DJ setup as far as leads, cables and boxes goes, go for one of these and all you need extras are some speakers and a pair of headphones.

Which sound card do you use? Or do you just have an all-in-one controller? Does your sound card work fine, or is it always causing you problems? Let us know!

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  1. I have virtual DJ 6 and seem to always have to be headphone monitoring 1 track. I do not think that this would be an unchangeable feature so I am wondering If anybody here would know how to change it. Thank you in advance!

  2. I'm using Traktor Pro with a Numark Total Control and a DJ|IO and it's freakin awesome!!

  3. Your article went a long way in opening up my eyes to solving the concurrent use of headphones/speakers.
    I use my laptop to mix music. My laptop has 2 headphones/external speaker outputs. the problem is that whether i use the Virtual DJ's mono splitter or the 4.1 sound card options, both the headphones and the speakers play the same sound.
    i have even tried to search for software that can split my sound card into 2 (for left and right channels)but to no avail.
    What advice would you give me?
    thank you.

    • If you use the mono splitter you need a splitter cable that takes the left-hand channel and sends it to your headphones and the right-hand channel and sends it to your speakers. Assuming you have this, your settings in Virtual DJ should be like this:

      Virtual DJ mono splitter settings

  4. Wow- can't believe I've never stumbled upon this Mono separated trick before - it's quite simply genius!

  5. I have two sound cards and I did put as you told me... still it does not split the sound.

  6. I recently purchased a TASCAM US-144. I am using Virtual DJ 6.1. This card has one output that goes to my powerd speakers. The soundcard also has a headphones plug similar to the Nunmark DJ-IO, but has 2 input for mics. Now I have not been able to configure the card so that I use that headphone connection instead of the laptop audio. I have been able to I read in some other post that it's better to have it this way. Also I want to be able to use my 2 decks and send this audio to my master output. I still do not know how to preview the sound on my headphones to preview it.

  7. Phil Morse says:

    To sam: Looks like Virtual DJ has to treat it like two cards. Here's a tutorial from the Virtual DJ website:

    Tascam US144 DJ setup

    Hope that helps.

  8. Phil,
    Thanks for the link, but having Deck1 assigned to external card and Deck 2 assigned to internal card does not allow me to mix to my external speakers.
    Does the DJIO work differently? I might even return it and get DJIO or the Mixtrackpro from numark to avoid problems.

  9. Phil Morse says:

    The Tascam US-144 is an unusual card to use for DJing and not one I'm aware of. A DJ IO or a NI Audio 2 will give you no problems as they're made for this purpose (and of course the Mixtrack Pro would be even simpler, but it's not out yet).

    Good luck.

  10. That is what I figured. I guess I will keep this tascam and then resell it on ebay for now.
    I hope I can get the Mixtrack Pro for Xmas.
    Thanks for your help.

  11. I'm using a Mixtrack and DJ IO. I like having a seperate soundcard handy because you never know when you will use a different type of controller like a Livid Ohm64 or some pad controller that will not have a soundcard.

    Now if they made a Mixtrack Pro type of controller with the build quality of a vci-300 or similar that would be the "be all end all" for me.

  12. I have the Hercules DJ Control MP3 and Virtual DJ Pro im not sure what kind of sound card to get to go with them.
    Any ideas?

  13. Phil Morse says:

    Hi, the two we recommend are the Native Instruments Audio 2 (US$99/£76/€85) and the Numark DJ I/O (US$79/£78/€88).

  14. Is there anyway possible to set up a mono output with Virtual DJ Pro 6 and the Native Instruments Audio 2? Is it possible to set up within VDJ or is it supposed to be a hardware solution? I only have one speaker to use (a Behringer Eurolive) and prefer it to be set up as mono.

  15. Hi Frank, unfortunately VDJ doesn't have a "mono" switch. You could always get a stereo to mono cable and do it that way.

  16. great post!
    only one question, i´ve read in other sites that you can use ubs headphones to cue on the numark mixtrak instead of a soundcard, its that correct?

  17. Phil Morse says:

    You can on the Mixtrack Pro as that has a sound card built in, but not on the normal Mixtrack. One way or another you need two output channels (sound card being the route most people take, although a splitter cable and USB headphones are both possibilities too).

  18. I'm totally new to DJing so I wanna buy a PC controller and I'm between two options right now... I'm considering the behringer BCD3000 since it has an integrated sound card and it's cheap, although I've read that it's not that good. On the other side, I'm considering the Numark Mixtrack even though it doesn't have the integrated sound card... The other option would be getting the Numark Mixtrack Pro which does have the integrated sound card. Thing is, I do have a Numark X1usb mixer which also has an integrated sound card as far as I know. I'm wondering if I could get the basic mixtrack and use it with the X1usb... I'm completely lost on that subject so if someone could answer my question I'd be very grateful.

    • Phil Morse says:

      Juan: The Mixtrack is the better controller, as it's more modern and is much more fun to use. The Mixtrack Pro would of course be fine as it has a built-in sound card.

      The Numark X1USB should work fine as a sound card with your Mixtrack. You plug the Mixtrack into the laptop, and plug the X1USB into the laptop too, both by USB. the laptop then treats the X1USB as a sound card, and you ought to be able to use one laptop channel for monitoring and one for headphones - or even use it as an external mixer to control the software.

      I've not tried this but I don't see any problems with it.

  19. thanks for the advice phill! i'll go for the soundcard.
    Just order the mixtrack and can wait to start playing_

  20. Thank you Phil for your enlightening answer!

  21. hi phil... i just have a small problem... im using djio with my mixtrack at VDJ 7 pro.. everything works fine execpt for the small delay of audio in my headphones compared to my master output... what can i do to fix that??

  22. Phil Morse says:

    To Ludwig: Sounds like a latency issue. Look for the latency setting in your audio software and reduce it as low as your PC can handle.

  23. tnx for your reply.. bt i already adjust my latency setting to the lowest... same thing with traktor le... but im still having the same problem..

  24. Phil Morse says:

    Sorry, I'm afraid I haven't got a clue then. Anyone?

  25. i already figured it out... i pluged my djio to a much powerful amplifier/speakers and everything works perfect... tnx phil for your help..

  26. hey phil, i just got the mixtrack pro and im having trouble setting up my headphones as well (im new to this). i know it should be easy being that it already has a sound card built in but im having trying to practice on my pc, so im trying to get my master sound through my pc speakers and my cue/headphone sound through the actual headphone jack on the hearing the master through the speakers but no volume in the this possible? what should my settings be in vdj 6.1.2? any advice would help alot. thanks.

  27. Phil Morse says:

    Hard to say without seeing your setup but go through the audio setup instructions again, make sure the drivers are correctly installed, and that you have the deck you want to listen to selected and playing on the PFL buttons with the Cue Volume turned up.

  28. okay, thanks. i think the problem is that i need rca cables to run from my mixtrack pro to my speakers in order for my headphones to to cue while the other song is playing. do u think that could be it?

  29. Chad Naidoo says:

    Hi All,

    I have recently purchased the Total Control Djio with Traktor LE.
    I need help, Does anyone know how to set-up the PFL/CUE part!
    When I am listening to deck A I need to know what Deck B sounds like when I press the PFL button on my controller and vice versa.

    Best Regards

  30. Hello,

    is the Numark Stereo IO also a soundcard? Thanks.

  31. Hey phil,i have read all through poeples problems and all the solutoins and what not but im still having troubles! im trying to run my master volume through my laptop and cue songs through my headphones on the mixtrack pro headphone jack. i have the vdj 6.1.2 cd running that comes with it, even upgraded it to vdj pro 7. set up output = none
    input = headphone
    soundcard= my laptop as master and mixtrack as headphones.
    when i hit the cue button it seems to run through the master soundcard still, it wont run through my headphones.
    any helpwould be great

  32. I used to use the mono separated trick when I first started experimenting around with mixing. IMHO, save up and buy yourself a VCI-300. If you wanna get a real feel for DJing and don't wanna spend a lot of cash, I couldn't advise anything better. I've made the mistake of buying cheap gear before, and never again. I now have a nightly residency in a club in Xiamen, China and now only use the club standard system of 2 Panasonic CDJ-2000s with a DJM-800.

    It's just my opinion, but I would advise people in 3 directions depending on the format you wanna use.
    For digital, go with the VCI-300 (yes I can scratch with it).
    For CD (or USB flashdrive), Panasonic CDJ 2000.
    For vinyl, Technic 1200.
    If you wanna play with your music more, focus more on mixing less on scratching, Panasonic DJM-800 is pretty good (and every club I've worked in has it), if you wanna scratch, Numark DXM Pro is pretty decent (I'm not highly skilled with scratchin, but it seems to work great).
    Lastly, digital (ie Scratch Live) with the big toys, the rane tt57sl is a good way to go, puts SL and a good scratching mixer together one one. Personally though, I'd go with one of the other 2 and buy an SL3 box on the side. I've gotten out of digital (well until I get my technics and start to focus on scratchin more XD ) and if you can, seriously give it a shot. The loss of your eyes and focus to your ears is something words cannot express.

    Good luck on whatever you end up doin. Music is my life and I couldn't have ever chosen a better career!

    Devon Sun aka DJ DeluXe (DX)

    • Phil Morse says:

      Couldn't agree with you more about the VCI-300, it's a great introduction to DJing. I think the weighted, vinyl-like jogwheels are its best feature.

      • I still rock that VCI for small events/parties, when the event coordinators don't have their own gear. The small size yet big utility you can get from a good MIDI control means it'll last you a long while. Just make sure to take good care of 'er with some contact cleaner every week or 2 😉

  33. King Jay says:

    Hey I have vdj7, mixtrack pro, and a neko TSE. I am trying to set virtual Dj up so I can have deck 1 come out of output 1, deck 2 come out of output 2 and still be able to use the master volume and head set to cue both decks as it would normally work. Is there any chance of me making that happen. My vdj is the full version.

    • Phil Morse says:

      No, I don't think so, because this set-up is meant for using an external mixer, so you'd then use that mixer for headphone monitoring, master volume etc.

  34. Hi Phil! recently got the Reloop jockey 2 master edition. Totally new to digital! It has built in soundcard but the sound quality is not good at all when turned up high. The fact it has a built in card, could I get say the NI2 and use it as my soundcard instead? Would I still have mic and headphones input? thank you for your help!

    • Phil Morse says:

      The sound card is fine in the Digital Jockey II - I think you have a problem elsewhere. Have you tried different music sources? Checking your gain/levels etc? the Audio 2 doesn't have a microphone input, you'd need a soundcard with a mike input, although all DJ sound cards have a headphones out.

  35. yewefjds says:

    i was just wonderin if you can listen to the music just thru ur headphones and no speakers as i hav got numark mixtrack and no sound card

  36. Could I use an external sound card with a vms4 to get better sound quality?

  37. Hi, i would like to know why when i try to record my mixes from the mixtrack records what comes out of the headphones not what comes out of the mixtrack and into the cd player and out of the speakers. So when i am cueing up one track in the headphones and messing around with the jog wheel ...that all get picked up in the recording...i just want whats coming out of the mixtrack to be recorded!!!! please help??? Its as if the mixtrack pro only has one master output.

  38. Hey! I have a laptop which has two built-in Soundcards. I'm planning to buy an external controller. So, will buying Numark Mixtrack (without the soundcard) be better for me rather than Numark Mixtrack Pro (which has the built-in soundcard). So basically, I wanted to ask, as my Laptop has two soundcards, will Mixtrack (Not PRO) work well with it ? I dont wanna shell away extra money for PRO as I guess my laptop would also work well with mixtrack. Will it ?

  39. Hey, I'm about to purchase a numark mixtrack which i know needs an external, but I already have a a mobile pre usb preamp. Do you know if I can just use that instead of having to buy a new external hard drive? Great article btw, it's filled with useful info for beginners.

  40. Andy Taylor says:

    If i have a sound card already built into my controller could i use another (potentially better) card if the one in my controller wasn't amazing?

  41. This may sound daft but I don't have a clue about how I would go about connecting two speckers to my mixtrack pro at the moment I have just been messing around with it by connecting it threw output1 to my hifi but how would I connect it to two active speckers ?? Thanks

  42. Thanks for the help :) but what about active pa speckers for djing at a party would I just plug RCA into output 1 (which gives you the master mix) and plug red into the right side specker and White into the left side specker would that be how it works ? Thanks for the help :)

  43. Thanks for the help :) but what about active pa speckers for djing at a party would I just plug RCA into output 1 (which gives you the master mix) and plug red into the right side specker and White into the left side specker would that be how it works ? Thanks

    • All DJ controllers have at least one master output, which will be two leads (a red and a white as you say on the Mixtrack). One of these is for the left-hand channel and one for the right. With powered speakers, if they're a pair, you'll probably plug into one and the other speaker will plug into the first speaker. Otherwise you'll have two mono powered speakers, and plug one of the two sockets into each. Otherwise, both will go to an amp and the speakers will plug into the amp.

  44. hi,

    i use vdj 6.1 with my laptop. i connected the laptop to the external mixer via rca jack (uses the built in souncard) then the (2nd line also via rca , but through external soundcard) that also goes to mixer. i set vdj config like this :
    inputs : none.
    outputs: external mixer
    sound card: 2 card + (external card)
    primary : realtek
    second : (external sound card)

    still cant the headphones to work for the cue. headphone is connected to mixer (via the headphone slot). am i connecting it to the correct line??? confused..


    • Hi Alex - first, upgrading Virtual DJ to the latest version is free so you should do that. when you're working with the full, latest version of the software you should try again because using old &/or limited versions of software is like using Internet Explorer 6 and expecting web pages to look great.

  45. ok, im just getting started, i have 2 big speakers, i have laptop, .... so all i need is a amp, io, and a mixer , right? i just want to play tracks, no mixing, or scratching, on budget too... then after telling me if this is all i need. how does it all connect together? thank u...

    • You can do it all with a laptop and keyboard shortcuts to start with. Buy a DJ sound card like the NI Audio 2, plug your amp and speakers into it and your headphones into it and you can add extra hardware when you know what you want.

  46. Hey Phil,

    Great article, and great responses!

    I have the pioneer CDJ400k pack and am using virtual dj and traktor and i am thinking of either AUDIO 2 DJ or the DJ I/O.. but i'm just wondering if you could give me your thoughts before i go ahead with this, such as mapping etc.. anything i should consider buying instead? price is not an issue!

    Regards Lance

  47. Checkit. Traktor pro 2, mixtrack decks a and b, hercules mk2 decks c and d, x1 that kind of floats around handling efx and the sample deck stuff, NI audio 8 soundcard. Option to use hercules’ soundcard as well, can plug headphones into computer, 8, or mk2, and can utilize all of the analog ins the mk2 and 8 will let me. Currently have two tables hooked to the ins on the mk2. Sound from those comes through either that or the 8. The mk2 is old but its super versitale. To put this together used would probably cost under 350, not counting the tables.

  48. Checkit. Traktor pro 2, mixtrack decks a and b, hercules mk2 decks c and d, x1 that kind of floats around handling efx and the sample deck stuff, NI audio 8 soundcard. Option to use hercules’ soundcard as well, can plug headphones into computer, 8, or mk2, and can utilize all of the analog ins the mk2 and 8 will let me. Currently have two tables hooked to the ins on the mk2. Sound from those comes through either that or the 8. The mk2 is old but its super versitale. To put this together used would probably cost under 350, not counting the tables.

  49. I own a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 that I use for the computer audio (disabled on-board THX audio))and as the interface to my NI Traktor Kontrol S2. It has some serious "kick" and clarity and I highly recommend it. The additional inputs, ghost supply for studio mics is also great for voiceover work. It has no discernible latency as a USB interface. If you shop smartly you can get a good deal and buy from a pro audio dealer that price matches.

  50. I'm betting this was a paid article because Rane's Serato scratch live wasn't even mentioned and its pretty much a world class digital DJing system.
    some may say its THE best.

    • Thanks for your interest. Your bet is way off the mark, though. We don't and never will carry any paid content.We didn't mention ANY digital vinyl systems in this article as it's not about digital vinyl, it's about audio interfaces / sound cards for computers. We love SSL and indeed will be carrying a full head to head between SSL and Traktor Scratch Pro in the next month or so, but that wasn't the focus of this article.

  51. Hey question just wondering if anyone knows if the New DENON MC3000 have an internal sound card??

    Also has anyone used the unit I currently own HERCULES RMX but thinking of buying the DENON, any suggestions out there??


  52. I still use the ESI Maya & Waveterminal cards. I find they have fantastic sound quality, 2 or 3 inputs respectively & are priced fairly well. Unfortunately the Waveterminals are tough to come by.

    Oh, both are internal PCI based cards.


  53. Prakash says:

    Just curious:

    Any comments on a head-to-head comparison between the Numark DJ I/O and the NI Audio 2 USB ??

    Which edges out the other , in what areas, sound/punch differences, etc.

    Would love to hear :)

  54. Hi I bought a USB sound card and I have mix vibes software for my ion audio control, i tried to go into my dj software settings but I still cant cue my music through my headphones it just goes through my speakers? Can you please help

  55. Hi phil

    Im currently using an external 4 channel mixer with an NI Kontrol x1 and Numark DJ I/O soundcard (controlling 2 decks) my question is if i add another x1 to control 4 decks in Traktor can i just get another Numark DJ I/O or do i need to get a soundcard with 4 outs like the esi gigaport hd?


    • Good point, it depends if you can make your computer "see" two soundcards. I know this is possible but depending on your system it may not be straightforward. If it were me I'd go with an 8 out (4 stereo out) card as you say.

  56. Hey Phil! I have a quick question - can I use a basic soundcard with 2 mono outputs connected to my speakers, and use my computer's soundcard as a monitoring one connected to my headphones ?

    I am asking you because I wanna buy a FocusriteScarlett 2i2 audio interface for guitar recording purposes and I wanna use it for DJing as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes, in theory, but depending on your hardware and software, you'll have to jump through hoops, as this kind of set-up can be exceedingly tricky. Can't you find a sound card for recording that also has four outs? It would be much easier in the long run.

  57. Hey, im looking to set up 2 vinyl (with timecodes) to an external mixer and use it as a midi, would i need a 3 output external sound card? And is there anything im missing?

  58. Hey, im looking to set up 2 vinyl (with timecodes) to an external mixer and use it as a midi, would i need a 3 output external sound card? And is there anything im missing?

  59. Cheez Grater says:

    Quick question: If my laptop has two audio ports, would I still need an external card for cueing with Traktor?

  60. Hello. My setup is 2 numark v7's a pioneer djm 3000 mixer all running thru my hp laptop with i5 processor and serato itch. With the v7's you can not record a set internally thru serato itch. Will the numark i/o help me accomplish this feat to record it thru my mixer and then usb to my laptop with a program like audacity or something? If so, how do I make connections?

    sadly my laptop only has the mic input. In the past I have used this:

    but its taken a beating and not working very well. Hoping a purchase like the numark i/o can help me put these fantastic sets Im mixing down to record! Any help is greatly appreciated. I apologize for the long winded response but im not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to this stuff.

  61. hi,
    I am planning to buy numark mixtrack please let me know whether i can usb sound card for cueing and playback.. i cant afford to buy a sound card for 30$ ( DJIO ,native are like costlier to me) i am just starting to learn...pls help in this regard

  62. Hi.I have some questions.If i have a traktor s2 or s4,do I have to buy Native Instruments Audio 2 too?and 2nd question.I can't make my Traktor 2 program to play music.I sync a track into the deck and when I play it it sounds very bad.I can't do anything with settings.The most importand is that the program doesn't let me raise latency.I don't know why.Please help cause im desperate.

  63. When using my NI audio 2 in a big club or PA,I feel the need for extra gain, I end up clipping the mixer. Other digital DJ friend´s feel the same... You can tell the diference when comparing with cds on a cdj.

    Is this a digital issue?
    Can I buy a better soundcard for extra punch?
    How can I work with my audio 2 without clipping when I need more output?

    note: I use 320 files and WAV is not a option

  64. I built my own computer, and the Asus motherboard comes with it's own sound card. Will i need a better one?

  65. Hi phil, I hope you can help me as I'm at my wits end! I recently purchased a KAM digi one midi controller! I have followed all the instructions to no avail. Firstly it said I needed to switch my sound card to 'ASIO' in the options in virtual dj, this was not in the options so I went to ASIO4ALL.COM And downloaded! All great however it gives me no sound and all I get is an alert to inform me there are not enough channels???? I'm using a laptop by the way. Is there any advise you can give me please and would you advise me to buy a sound card (even though KAM claim the at digi min one has it built in! Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Scott

    • You don't need to buy a sound card as the controller has one built in. you do need to install the controller's supplied or recommended drivers then set Virtual DJ's audio outputs up correctly. That bit will be in the Virtual DJ manual.

      • Thanks for your speedy reply :) I have also done that and updated everything still till no avail. If you think an external sound card will solve this problem I'd be more than happy to buy one! I'm so desperate to get mixing again, I have always been vinyle but though I'd give digi a go! #bubbleburst

        • No, it won't. The problem is not your sound card, it's in the set-up. Next port of call is the Virtual DJ Forum - they're a friendly bunch and should be able to help. You may even be able to search it for another Kam user.

  66. Thanks for your help phil

  67. hi i need help i have a mac computer which has a numark dj io and numark total control which is plugged in the aux side of a hi fi stereo.all works fine,i can record my dj set but not the mic.why cant i get the voice to record on traktor

  68. I recently bought a Numark 4Trak DJ controller. specs say it has a Built-in 24-bit audio interface. I want to have a pair of small speakers to listen to music without wearing my headphones all the time. Do I need "active speakers"? If I choose to buy a Traktor Audio 2 anyway (because of the Traktor Pro 2 included) can it cause problems between the audio interfaces?

  69. Hello,

    I am in need of help. I just bought a Numark X1usb. I would like to use it as a controller since it has the 2 USB ports in the back. Now, I was able to get sound out of it... though it would only come out from one channel. I would like to connect it and use my Virtual DJ Pro and be able to use both channels. I use a Mac mini OS X 10.8.2... I have gone through the manuals and everything. But when I get to the options I am only able to choose either channel one or two. Do I need to get a seperate sound card to be able to accomplish what I am trying to do? PLEASE HELP!!

  70. Alberto Leal says:

    Hi Phil,

    I've heard before that it's way better to use an external soundcard rather than the ones built-in on some Dj controllers, examples are the Mixtrack Pro, Numark 4 track, NS7, etc. Is it true? What would you recommend? Should I use an external soundcard even if my all-in-one Dj controller comes with one?


  71. Yuri Osoy says:

    With DJ Player app on iPad you can connect wirelessly to another iOS device (in my case an iPhone) running a free app called NetOut and the headphone output is routed to that device. I don't plan on using a controller so this works great for me. The iPhone's output is for cueing and the iPad's output is the master output. What I like about this setup is not having to spend any cash on extra hardware and that the two devices mentioned can be used for other applications, less things to carry around is always more comfortable too.

  72. One of my Djs uses a dual core 4gb ram laptop with an VDJ an Esi gigaport connected to a 5 channel mixer. This is the only way to seperate, play and monitor 4 seperate decks. The internal sound card is disabled and the processes running are down to the minimum. However the 2 and 3rd channel, and recently the fourth start popping normally after playing for a bit 15, 20 min sometimes an hour, and sometimes not at all. Any suggestions?

  73. I use RME-Babyface, it's just the very best! The "Ferrari" of soundcards.

  74. Richard says:

    My computer has an optical out, witch i use now to connect it to my receiver. It has also analog out, witch I use to connect my headphone. At the moment I use virtual dj and mouse to mix and I can prelisten the song and play at the same time.

    My question: if I buy the numark mixtrack (without soundcard) will this still work the same? I expect that the digital (optical) out to my receiver has the best quality, am I right? Do I need to take something else in consideration?

  75. i have a numark 4trak with a built in soundcard. ive heard that it is not really a "great" one but it does the job. it works alright but when i have multiple fx on then the sound crackles and lags. i adjusted latency and wifi is off and no other programs are running. it is something with my laptop or the controller. ive done the computer thing where it checks to see if your computer is up to date and if it meets requirements and it does but the lagging still occurs. would a new/ better soundcard maybe help and stop the lagging when multiple fx are on at once? also when i use samples and loops on my kontrol f1 it also lags then too and randomly un-syncs the loop with the main track playing.

  76. I've recently purchased a numark mixtrack, can i use my old controller (hercules mk2) as a soundcard using virtual dj / traktor. if so how do i do it!

  77. Hi! Could you help me?
    I just bought Mixvibes, and I configured the sound master with my external sound card and my cue/headphone with my internal sound card.
    The sound master come out for both, speaker and headphones, and I can not stop the sound come out in the headphones...when I press the botton "headphone" it boosts the sound master in my headphones? I use to use VJ and with the same configuration, same sound cards, it works well. Using the botton PLF, the sound master in my headphones stopped. Is a problem of mixvibes?

  78. I'm a bit confused about the mono Y cable thing...but i found 1 that also has a 1/4 output as well as 2 female RCA outputs.Can i plug headphones into the 1/4 and 2 speakers into the RCAs and have it work the same?

  79. hey phil,
    Does a soundcard works like an amplifier??.. because we have the JBL VRX900 series in our college and i realy wna know if i connect my traktor Z1 to them will it sound realy like 96000hz ?? i dont know if the JBL VRX900 are realy active or passive :/ help me!!

    • would u suggest me to connect both the line array pannels directly to my other traktor s2 using the 1/4 inch output ports and xlr to the line arrays dirctly??... or traktor z1 will do the same work somehow??

  80. Hi,
    I'm confused! I'm using Mixxx on my imac, and I'm able, using the headphone symbol on mixxx, to listen to one track on my headphones and the other on my speakers... why??? Everything i've read tells me i shouldn't be able to do this! thanks for any info...

  81. Here's one for you...
    I'm running VDJ Pro 7.4 on my Macbook Pro. I also have two DN-SC3900's (These have built in soundcards, which i have set up to act as an aggregate device []).
    There is a "known audio problem"that is being "worked on".

    I've been frustrated for a while and tried all sorts of different settings and configurations within VDJ and the 3900s.

    However, I noticed something the other day as i was looking for an alternative setup (researching using a timecode cd with CDJ 1000s).
    The audio problem appears to be a high pitched sound emitted from each deck when used in 'hybrid' MIDI mode.
    I've now taken a guess that this is actually a timecode signal.

    Given that the decks have a sound card in-built, i propose that instead of using an external soundcard, it would be possible to bypass the MIDI setup by using instead the timecoded signal from the internal souncards in the decks.

    The only issue I've had is that I can't seem to grab the signal and push it through as an input/timecode signal (so that it can be read by VDJ).

    Any thoughts?

  82. Hi
    How to connect external mixer to VDJ with NI Traktor Audio 2?
    and what is the config?


  83. Hi, great article!

    I recently set up my new Hercules RMX2, I am personally not a fan of the software it comes with so will have to upgrade to VDJPro. Anyways I have not been able to have my Deck A play out loud and Pre listen to my Deck B track that I want to throw in next, without the Deck B track playing out loud.

    All the manual says to do is press the headphone button on the controller and turn the dial to "cue". I have tried every single combination of cue-mix dial and microphone button... Just can't figure it out. Do I need a sound card? Or is there supposed to be one already built in to the controller?

    Thank you in advance! I am desperate.

  84. adam cutler says:

    Hi Phil new to the scene and picked up some great tips from you already, what im wanting to know is im currently using my laptop connected via line in to external powered mixer would my sound quality greatly improve with a numark dj io? Thanks in advance

  85. Hi phil i have a mixtrack 2 with djio and mackie 12A thumps for speakers, i use virtual dj and i can't get the sound to come out right on my speakers it sounds echoie? what am i doing wrong??????

  86. Hi,

    just a quit warning - unfortunately the U-mix44 is absolutely useless if you want to perform in clubs. I got it as part of a light travel DJ setup (Macbook pro, Traktor, iPad with Lemur as a controller) and both, the main and the headphones levels are way to quiet. Maybe add that to the description so others can spare the 100$ loss and get a performance ready one (I guess I will go for the NI as a friend uses it without any problems)

    Well - thats it from my side :)

    greetings from Johannesburg,

  87. Hi
    I have a NI Traktor Kontrol X1 and I wanna use it in the club's, will a numark dj/io be fine to use as it's soundcard also taking into account the software will be traktor .

    Regards jarod :)

  88. Hi Phil,

    I can't get DJ IO to work with Windows 8 and Virtual DJ. It worked fine with Windows 7. Any suggestions?

    • Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen says:

      I'd say a driver question (as it usually is with audio in Windows environments). Did you by any chance also switch from 32-bit to 64-bit at the same time?

      Deinstall the old driver (if possible). Be sure to download the latest WIN8 driver from Numark (the correct 32- or 64-bit version) and install it.

      Make sure all settings in VDJ are set correctly (as the device might have gotten a new name.


  89. Hi. I would like to dj with a DVS setup AND regular vinyl, i.e switch between timecode vinyl and live input, using a conventional mixer.

    Will I encounter any problems using a conventional mixer (like a pioneer djm 600) as opposed to a software compatible mixer (which are too expensive for me) other than being unable to control the effects and other functions of the software?

    I assume I will need a sound card for this setup in order to link the timecode vinyl on my turntable with the traktor/serato software on my laptop, but will the conventional mixer perform perfectly normally or is this setup limited in some way?


  90. Hi,
    I am a bit old-fashioned!
    I would like to record my dj set (I only use turntables + vinyl) to mp3.
    My mixer (rane ttm 56s) doesn't have a usb option, so I suppose I would need a sound card...

    If I connect it to my mixer's output and then connect my laptop and the card with a usb connection would it work?
    I am planning to purchase numark dj i/o... (unless you can suggest sth else!)


  91. Hi Phil great article, I have a dj tech x10 usb mixer that I have my NI x1 mk2 & F1 connected to. Since I started using this setup I can't record with Traktor. Are there any settings within Traitor that will let me record again. Great article l on the DJ TECH X10 USB MIXER as well.

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