Your Questions: Where's Best Place To Get Samples & Loops For My DJ Sets?

The Traktor Kontrol S4\'s sample decks are encouraging creative DJs to include samples, loops and effects in their DJ sets.

The Traktor Kontrol S4's sample decks are encouraging creative DJs to include samples, loops and effects in their DJ sets.

Reader DJ Coops writes: "I am fairly new to the game and currently use Virtual DJ Pro on a laptop, but I am looking at up buying a controller which will most likely be the Traktor Kontrol S4. My question relates to samples and loops. Can anyone suggest good online sources for these? I do not want illegal downloads as I believe this is the wrong thing to do by the artists. I am in Australia but happy to buy from anywhere."

Digital DJ Tips says:

It's great that you're wanting to do the right thing and obtain your samples from legal sources. With the Traktor Kontrol S4 putting particular emphasis on the use of samples, you can't be the only DJ looking at this route to make their sets more interesting.

The first thing to say is that the S4 comes with a set of samples and loops to get you going. But as far as the best places to obtain further samples from online, I asked our Twitter followers where they get their samples from. Below are their suggestions and a couple of my own too, including one offline source. Many of those who sell products don't have them exclusively, so make sure you shop around!

  1. Loopmasters - As well as instant-download sample CDs there are also plenty of artist interviews, tech tutorials and music software tips on this site's video channel
  2. Clickproduce - Search quickly by chart or by what's new, or pick a genre and browse - this is a simple to use site that has the added attraction of free tutorials from Point Blank
  3. SoundsToSample - Seem to have a particularly wide range of samples here, with the added attraction of a weekly Q&A session with a top producer for some free insider tips
  4. Prime Loops - Up-to-the minute selection including plenty of exclusive sound suites across a wide range of formats. Weekly blog and a wide range of tutorial videos to buy as well
  5. SoundCloud - Soundcloud has recently launched a new initiative which encourages producers to contribute, share, and in certain cases, sell their original or exclusive samples under a Creative Commons licence
  6. Sonomic - More like an aggregator/search engine of samples, this site has samples from all over the place that you can buy by the loop or as whole downloadable CDs, for instance
  7. Computer Music magazine - Grab the cover-mount CD to get loads of royalty-free samples every month. Not sure if they distribute Computer Music in Australia - however, many of these are also given away for free at the Sample Radar website

One word of advice is to make sure you're getting "royalty free" samples, where once you've bought them you can do what you will with them, otherwise you may find yourself shelling out more than you bargained for were you to have a hit!

• Thanks to @xarishmusic @djsoosk @tommybutala @btdj @edwilder and christiandavies on Twitter for their suggestions for this article.

Do you use samples, loops and effects in your DJ sets or own productions? Where do you get yours from? We'd love to know in the comments.

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  1. Another one I found the other day is

    Not actually bought anything from them yet, and I think the samples are available on the other sites (just saw the shop around comment).

    I'd also recommend trying to produce your own custom loops for your sets if you can.

  2. Spot on! I do the Sample Saturday posts at and the ones you mention are the best by far!

  3. DJ Urkel Dee says:

    I know its kinda "cliche" but I'm looking for Fatman Scoops/Lil Jon samples.

  4. Max D. Funk says:

    wow great sources and overall great and useful article! my main source of samples is me..
    it's so easy do do your own samples and effects that most people completely forget about it.

  5. Phil Morse says:

    We found this source of free sound effects and other random stuff too:

  6. free sound project

  7. DJ Coops75 says:

    Could you perhaps do a segment on making your own as suggested by Max D. Funk?

  8. @DJ Urkel Dee - Shameless Plug 😉 See if we can help Thanks

  9. I found another good site to look for samples http:/
    They have also a lot of freeware and a freeware vst archive...

  10. For Hip Hop loops Try and , so far I think they have great sound Quality.

  11. For me have very good dj samples too.

  12. Don't forget the Grand Daddy of them all, the company that started the whole thing back over 12 years ago

    Also FYI Clickproduce is no more and SoundsToSample is now Beatport.

    You can also get some wicked Dj Samples for free at


  13. Cliff Whitney says:

    While reading this and the comments I was forced to smile a bit..... When I was new to DJ'n 24+ years ago there wasn't a lot we could do to incorporate loops into our sets without actually ripping sections out of our favourite songs and loading them into our samplers.... I remember my first attempts at loading my hardware samplers, making tape loops and talking with my other musical friends what the future was gonna bring to the table as far as musical tech goes.....
    Well the good news is that the future is finally here and it's not going away anytime soon... Free samples are great but what sets some of us apart is the ability to use our DAW systems to build and produce the drum loops, bass loops, top loops, percussion and synth loops..... Propellorheads Reason, Ableton Live and many DAW programs offer the ability to export tracks and sections of tracks out to wave/aiff....
    So now let's just say you are lucky enough to own one of these new DJ controllers with remix deck/ loop control.... Kontrol S4/ Kontrol F1/ Midifighter.... The task for me was to find ways to fill it and after seeing the new remix content from NI I hit the nail on the head by separating the slots in a more Ableton approach.. EG. Drum/bass/synth/top loops and 1 shot samples.... Now I also use a Maschine MK2 along with my DJ sets which also adds a new level of performance and prep work to my already hectic process....

  14. DJ Tomehawk says: was mentioned and I gotta say they have a pretty nice selection of samples...

  15. Check out too, brand new loop provider with some cool packs that are super cheap. You can get 350MB or so of free loops and samples if you sign up for their newsletter too. Good stuff 😉

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