Review: Traktor Pro 2 - Is It Evolution, Or Revolution?

Review Summary:

Traktor Pro 2
  • Traktor Pro 2
  • Rating: 4
  • Price: $229
  • Reviewed by:
  • On April 5, 2011
  • Last modified:February 19, 2014
Traktor Pro 2

Traktor Pro 2 Review: It looks cleaner and sharper with its coloured waveforms and improved interface, although it retains the Traktor feel we are familiar with.

Review: Traktor Pro 2

Last week, Native Instruments launched its new Traktor 2 range, which consisted of new versions of all of its Traktor software, plus the Audio 6 and Audio 10 sound interfaces to replace the old Audio 4 and Audio 8 devices.

Of most interest to serious digital DJs, of course, was Traktor Pro 2, the new version of the company's flagship product for controller users. We've now had a weekend to play with it, and with the help of a lot of insightful feedback from you, our readers, over on our First Thoughts on Traktor Pro 2 post, here we present our review.

First impressions

Hands down, it looks nicer. Those coloured waveforms make the software look modern and somehow cleaner. (If you're a bit overwhelmed by them, you can change them to other more monochromatic versions, but you lose a bit of the functionality if you do.) There are more subtle tweaks to the overall look including a higher contrast skin, which should make use in dark clubs easier.

However, many of the features in Traktor Pro 2 were already present in the Kontrol S4 version of the software, notably the sample decks. It's telling that this version was offered free to all S4 users. In that respect, some of the "great leap forward" had already happened, and if you're an S4 user, don't expect anything major when you open it for the first time.

Even if not, immediately it's clear this is still Traktor as we've known it with some new bits added on, and so don't expect anything that maybe used to irk you about Traktor 1.x to have necessarily changed just because it carries the "2.0" moniker..

So, no immediate wow factor for us - but beauty isn't always skin deep. While we are aware that we can't give you a proper review after only a weekend, that length of time was definitely long enough to discover that there's plenty going on beneath the surface to get excited about.

Preparing for use

Setting up your hardware
To start with, the program seems to load quicker for us. (Also, incidentally, browsing through the preferences seems to be faster too.)

However, it seems to load the CPU more heavily. This would make sense, but also apparently the CPU meter now shows a blend of latency and CPU load or something like that. We didn't do a proper test because everything worked fine on our MacBook 13" out of the box, but some users have reported glitches with underpowered hardware that worked fine with Traktor Pro 1.2.7.

Kontrol S4 Preferences

The Kontrol S4 gets its own preference page (as does the X1; this software is definitely being optimised for Native Instruments's own hardware.

The set-up wizard is now better, and because of course Native Instruments has plenty of hardware of its own, it is optimised for use with their hardware as far as getting going fast out-of-the-box goes.

Fair enough - one of the beautiful things about using Serato ITCH with the dedicated hardware available for that platform is the speed and elegance of getting up and running. Traktor is now getting on a par with Serato in that respect, at least with the Native Instruments hardware. (And actually, I am assuming this would be the same with the Pioneer DDJ-T1 too, because that seems to be treated as a separate case by the software.)

A small but welcome improvement is that when you unplug your controller (at least, the S4 - not tried it with other hardware), Traktor switches back to internal audio automatically, allowing you to work on your beatgrids, cues and so on seamlessly away from the hardware.

Beatgridding and reanalysing
The first thing you'll need to do is reanalyse your library for the new waveforms to accurately represent your collection. This is a time-intensive task for the computer, so as usual, best to leave it running while you're off doing something else.

You should be sure your beatgrids are locked before doing so on your previous collection (do it from within your previous version of Traktor Pro, which this installs side-by-side with). Otherwise, Traktor will guess for you - not clever if you've tweaked them all manually. But if you mess up, your old information remains intact in your previous version, so you can try again.

Traktor will ask you if you want to import your settings from the old version on first starting.

On the subject of beatgridding, there are now two sync modes - beat sync, which is the old "full" sync (ie it will pull the BPMs in line then hold the phase using the beatgrids) and another, tempo sync, which will allow things to drift if you don't hold the tempo on manually, like when DJing with analogue gear.

I like the latter as when playing "traditionally" I like to decide myself where the phase should be depending on the tracks I'm mixing, and this is something you can only do by ear, not by previously decided beatgrids. It's something I've always wanted in Traktor and I'm glad it's been added.

The different views
There are extended, essential and browser views, using less screen real estate consecutively. The essential is basically the extended without the effects section, and the browser view shows the bare minimum, giving most of the screen real estate over to the library.

However, there could still be more space saved on all views, and I feel it doesn't make the most of the screen real estate, especially on a 1280 x 800 laptop. Of course, a laptop with a higher resolution is the answer, and I accept that 1280 x 800 isn't that good a resolution nowadays - I'd certain recommend 1440 x 900 for using Traktor.

In use

We tested it with a Kontrol S4, probably the most optimal controller as it'll be the one Native Instruments are most keen to get everything exactly right on.

Coloured waveforms

Traktor Pro 2 zoomed waveform

Zoomed right in on a waveform to show how close you can get for accurate cue point and beatgrid work.

The coloured waveforms (or "TruWave") are great. Native Instruments was missing a trick not to represent audio in colour, and the company has finally fixed this. Not only that, but you can now zoom right in (closer than any DJ software, they say) and right out too.

Zooming right in is great for setting clean, precise cues and beat markers, and indeed you'll probably find any sloppy beatgridding you did beforehand on older versions of the software (that could only zoom in one step which wasn't actually very much) may look a bit, well, sloppy when you see your handiwork visually here! Time to tweak if you're OCD in any way...

Serato users report a real attachment to using coloured waveforms as a memory jog as to the sonic structure of tunes, something that's now available to Traktor users too. The only thing missing is (apologies for going on about it) parallel waveforms.

With Serato, you can look down all four decks playing in parallel and see the sonic characteristics of all the individual elements instantly.

Parallel waveforms are useful. Why not try and come up with a display option that allows them, Native Instruments? Overall though, excellent. Well done for putting this one right.

Loop recorder and sample decks
For S4 (or Virtual DJ) users, nothing new. For the rest of us, if you've ever had tracks you use exclusively for sample drops (and maybe even made them up yourself in Audacity and used them as pseudo sample decks, mapped to cue points), you'll like the sample decks here.

You can basically have multiple samples ready for immediate triggering, and adjust the volume and filter on your samples, and what's more, you can sample on the fly from the decks, the microphone/other external sources, or load samples previously recorded.

Traktor Pro 2 Sample Decks

The Traktor Pro 2 Sample Decks, showing clearly how Traktor now differentiates between different frequencies by colour.

The software comes with a set of samples and it's clear Native Instruments wants you to start building your own rhythms and so on using them as a stepping stone. It's creative DJing for sure, and many DJs will scratch their heads and say "so what?", but then again, Traktor is a creative product and Kontrol S4 users in particular are a creative bunch. If you just want to play records, something like a Vestax VCI-300 gives you a much simpler but more limited "two-decks-and-a-mixer" experience for old skool DJing.

Samples can be up to a minute in length, and you can set them as either one-shot or looping by right clicking them and choosing your option.

Even more than the coloured waveforms (especially when using with the Kontrol S4, which puts the sample controls literally right under your fingertips), I think the sample decks and loop recorder represents the biggest leap for Traktor software in this version.

We were promised better iTunes integration, which had me scratching my head as I can see no differences at all, unless "better integration" meant "fixing obscure bugs". As always, the library and playlists are there, in non-editable form.

What I want to be able to do is use iTunes to sort out my playlists, and Traktor to play the music. I don't want to use Traktor crates, as I like smart playlists and anyway, to me DJ software shouldn't be music library software, it should be for performing.

I accept that I won't be able to alter smart playlists and so on within Traktor, but I do want to be able to edit metadata inline. I just want to play from iTunes, not Traktor crates, and have the same core functionality - adding comments, correcting errors in spellings in file names when I see them, altering group metadata and so on.

Traktor Pro 2 Not Editable iTunes

As before, you can't edit track metadata unless you import them into your Traktor collection.

I admit by wanting to do this I am not using the software how Native Instruments intends, but I can do it easily in other software. Why not in Traktor? Three-quarters of Digital DJ Tips reader use iTunes as their music management software. How about it, Native Instruments?

Apart from that, it's all good. I like the previewing, it's as good as it's ever been; it's good to be able to search within the current playlist or the whole library (both these features are better than Serato. They're not, it must be said, new to this version - but they're good nonetheless.) Indeed, everything else is how I recall it from Traktor Pro.

The new effects
There are four new effects. Tape delay is nice (it's a warmer delay, with an analogue colour to it), I've not got to grips with the other effects yet - Bouncer seems extreme to me!

But you know, without actually inventing new sounds, it's hard to really make great leaps in effects as most of the classics are classics for a reason, and Traktor already had them.

However, adding new effects in DJ software that has the ability to allow you to easily chain effects together to create your own sound (as Traktor does) is always to be applauded, however obscure the effects seem on first play.

I can't wait to hear the results of innovative effects combinations when clever early adopters incorporate these into their DJing. More work is needed to assess, but overall the effects section remains excellent.

Guinea pig syndrome
Native Instruments has had a bit of a reputation in some quarters for getting software out there fast followed by bug fixes pretty soon after, and they didn't disappoint this time - the v2.0.1 update was out on the same day!

To be fair this update seems to add features rather than fix bugs. The only bug we found was that the waveforms to the left of the playhead don't render when using hotcues, which was apparently also the case in the S4 incarnation of Traktor. Hopefully they'll fix this soon enough.

We couldn't find anything else but as I say, only a weekend is not really enough time. Reader feedback from gigs indicated that the software is perfectly stable.


So our question was, evolution or revolution? Well, it's evolution, but it could be the start of a revolution. Let us explain...

This is plainly still Traktor as we know it, refined rather than redesigned, which is absolutely fair enough.

As with any Native Instruments product launch, things weren't done quietly. There were the usual celeb-endorsement videos doing the rounds, the teasers for the past couple of months, and then the big fanfared launch on the day. The company definitely built expectations up.

What we got, in the end, was a mix of genuine innovation, some catching up with the competition, and some things missing that we may or may not ever see in Traktor (proper iTunes integration, elastic beatgrids, parallel waveforms).

Expect more Traktor 2-ready hardware
The fact that lots of the "innovations" in Traktor Pro 2 are from the S4 software contributed a bit to maybe a less than massive "wow" from users on launch, but I think that this new incarnation of Traktor Pro needs to be seen for what it is - formalising the functionality of the S4 in all Traktor software, so other hardware manufacturers can go out and do there thing with it, and adding a handful of other improvements too.

Pioneer DJM-T1

The Pioneer DJ- T1 is listed in the mappings, but doesn't exist... hmm, not for long, we think! Watch this space...

Here's where the revolution may well come in. It doesn't look like we'll have to wait too long, either, for exciting Traktor 2-ready hardware - a slip-up means that if you go to the mappings, you'll see the "Pioneer DJM-T1" listed there.

It's a product that isn't launched, but looks very much to be a Traktor-specific digital mixer incorporating control over the sample decks. (More this week from Musikmesse, which is where Pioneer are strongly rumoured to be launching this.) It's no doubt the first of many new hardware products and mappings that will make full use of sample decks and the loop recorder.

Where Traktor Pro 2 fits in to the market
Native Instruments is really out on its own in the market with Traktor, as has been for a long time - this release further cements that position. the company has the hardware, sound interfaces, software and market dominance with third-party manufacturers, all of which is a combination that nobody else can offer.

Serato ITCH 1.7 wins on simplicity and out-and-out usability because it's a closed system (bit like Apple), but is therefore (deliberately) inflexible in comparison. Virtual DJ Pro 7 is arguably more nimble and easier to use but hasn't gained traction with the pros in the same way; something heavily developed over the years by Native Instruments with its celebrity endorsement videos and so on. Torq 2.0 is actually a capable and interesting competitor, but unless we get some new hardware it will remain marginal.

Should you buy it?
So should you buy Traktor Pro 2? Obviously if you're an S4 user you got the upgrade for free. But it's not a majorly expensive upgrade for current Traktor Pro users either. If you're the overly cautious sort, you may want to hold off until the first free upgrade just in case any small bugs have slipped the net (not that we found any, but it's always a risk with all new software), but otherwise we'd say you should take the plunge - the water's warm enough.

If you're thinking of switching from another platform? Unless you can see something here you want that you can't get on your existing software, there's nothing compelling you to do so. Virtual DJ has sample decks already and has had for years, and has a host on innovations of its own; Serato still has more waveform tools (it has two completely different types of waveform visualisation in addition to the main view) and also has elastic beatgrids; Torq has VST plugins. Every platform has its strengths and weaknesses.

Traktor Pro 2's Browser Mode

Traktor Pro 2's Browser Mode is much better for small screens - now, if they'd just make room for an effects strip (maybe by losing the Traktor information bar), it would be the perfect default view for the minimal-minded.

But if you're coming at it as a new user? Here you've got a big decision to make. Going with Traktor means you're using the market-dominating program from the off. The learning curve is steeper, but the flexibility is there for all types of hardware so that you can grow, switching from controller to controller, but using the same software throughout.

For this reason alone, unless there's something in the other systems that you find compelling (and we mean Serato ITCH, Virtual DJ and Torq, although especially in Europe, Deckadance and MixVibes have their followings), Traktor is now a more appealing choice than ever.

Product Summary

Review Summary:

Traktor Pro 2

  • Traktor Pro 2
  • Rating: 4
  • Price: $229
  • Reviewed by:
  • On April 5, 2011
  • Last modified:February 19, 2014

What are your impressions of Traktor Pro 2? Is there enough here to convert you from other software? Do you think the "missing" features are glaring omissions, or not important? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. For somebody upgrading to Traktor 2 from S4, there is no noticeable difference than the colored waveform. i still havent tried the new fx. however, i am interested in upgrading to Traktor Sratch pro for $79.

  2. Maverikk says:

    Wouldn't it be nice to get a new MIDI mapping engine? Mapping any other controller to Traktor other than the ones already set-up for it is a TOTAL pain.

  3. I got the software last Fri, and ported my library across. I've yet to have a proper play with it, but shall be doing now, as I was waiting for my Audio 10 to turn up (which I'll be picking up later today).

    Previously I've been using an M-Audio fast track pro which limited me to just the two decks, so the Audio 10 coupled with giving me access to decks C & D makes me really excited about the sample decks as my sets have been inching towards the 'live remix' type for a while but the 2 deck restriction was frustrating.

    Really liking the hi-res waveforms, really really nice and welcome addition.

    Deff looking forward to my sets on Fri/Sat now, but recking I might have a little more prep to do than usual! :)

  4. Sameoldsong says:

    Nice review!

    Btw, I have a suggestion for a future entry: tell us something about the market shares of the different DJ software out there. I'd love to hear about global sales figures as well as sales by location and by type of customer (bedroom vs. pro, EDM vs. hip-hop, etc.)

    Not sure if such an entry would fit perfectly in this blog, but I just wanted to throw it out there (thought about it when reading your comments on "Where Traktor Pro 2 fits into the market").

    • Phil Morse says:

      It's going to be commercially sensitive information for sure! However, you can see the "market share" among our readers in the reader survey 2011.

      • da flava says:

        Hey Phil the doc,i hope u can help me with this problem i'm having with Traktor/laptop.I have a laptop running win7,tried adding music to my track collection then tried analizing but no success.I tried playing a track but this msg(file could not be played bc of unsupported or drm file).On my previous laptop running vista,i have no problem whatsoever.Is it traktor or its win7?I even upgrade to traktor scratch pro 2 & still the same problem continue.NI support is a lame duck.Any advice?

        • Boney Collins says:

          This problem i had with ableton, so it could be the same. DRM or Unsupported has sometyhing to do with the decoder this was resolved installing Quick Time which i don't like but it solved the problem. Try it, if not, try to run the software in Administrator mode so it can write whatever it wants.

  5. dj distraction says:

    Upgraded from S4 to TP2 on April 4 and used it for a 4-hour gig on Apr 3. It was a jamming gig with a friend, using Pioner CDJs & DJM mixer. His DJM's output in plug in to S4's channel 4. This set up works well and no problem encountered. You just have to adjust the master out of the DJM or the S4's channel 4 gain to match the other channel.
    I recorded the entire gig using TP2 built in recorder and while listening to the recorded mix, I think S4 sound card sounds better than the Pioneer's DJM (although it's just DJM400).
    The sample deck and loop recorder are amazing! I was able to thrown in some samples while the other DJ is playing and it will really able to make creative sets.
    The colored waveforms are nice, I like the spectrum wave form. However I can't zoom in & out of the wave form using the mouse or track pad's scroll feature.
    Also, it would be nice if NI will really implement a "real" iTunes playlist integration.
    The hardware, S4, is great. My friend tried it and I showed him how to use it without the SYNC, or other automatic feature. He adjusted the songs BPM & beatmatched it manually by just listening. He was able to do what he is doing with his CDJs. However, when he goes back to his CDJ to play again, his beatmatching rhythm was f*cked up. I don't know why but he must have gotten used to S4 or it indicates that if you played with, you gotta have it.
    On the 16th, I have a gig again and this time, will use it together with Modul8 for some visuals. It'll be interesting to see how much stress these two softwares will give my MBP.

  6. Dimitris says:

    still no recognition to the non-english characters in the library! I live in Greece and during my sets i want to play some greek tunes but the songs names in the list view are not displayed correctly (in fact they are not shown at all).
    i expected this to be fixed in this 2nd version of the software! obviously this problem is not for greek characters only but for other languages that have not latin based alphabets!
    really big problem!

    • dj distraction says:

      Works fine with me. I'm using MacBook Pro with Japanese OS.
      Check out the screen capture:

      2-byte character is supported.

    • it should work, but you need to change the font from the preferences. It works fine for me with Cyrillic/BG.

      +1 to have the default font capable of displaying non-latin characters.

  7. "including a higher contrast skin"


  8. I would love to have the chance to try the new software, however like many others I haven't been sent my upgrade voucher and it's now 6 days since the launch.

    The customer service is truly shocking, they obviously know this because they have disabled their Twitter account to stop getting more negative comments.

    I'm sorry Phil to hijack this thread, please feel free to delete this post if you wish, but I'm just exasperated, there is no way to contact support. They are not responding to emails or posts on their forum.

    If anyone knows how to get hold of an upgrade code/voucher for my S4, please let me know.


    • Phil Morse says:

      It's hard to hear but I'd say, be patient. I am sure they're trying as hard as they can to sort out yours and any other similar issues 24/7...

  9. Howitzer says:

    Great unbiased review here. I agree with many of the points made.

    One small correction though: You can change the size of the font for the playist in the settings. Ive already done this to allow for greater playlist visibility. You can also remove the traktor info strip in the settings, or at least you could in the previous version. I'd be surprised if they took it out.

    I also agree that they should make the mappings window more user friendly. The modding and mapping community keep traktor alive and interesting, with new ideas and new hardware all the time. The least they could do is make their lives (and mine) a bit easier by making the interface better.

    The new features added to T2 are great, welcome additions. But there are still really minor things that could make a world of difference. Multi column sorting for instance. I would love to see that in there.

  10. DJ Phaidon says:

    No keylock on the sampler decks! so if you grab a sample, and want it to play in it's original key over a different BPM, you're F'd... just like in S4 software. They really do need to listen to the customers a little more, cause this was brought up a long time ago, just like the new midi mapping interface was brought up when Traktor Pro first came out.

    • yeah i discovered this last night, it was something of a dissapointment for sure :(

      had one track running at +3% pitch, the other running at -3%, looped and grabed sample from one deck and it loses the pitch setting making it useless as it's now out of tune with the two tracks playing :(

    • +1 - this is really bad. It can match the tempo, but the key goes off. Imagine how this hurts when copying a loop from a running deck :(

      Phil, I think you need to update the review with this. That's a minor cons and NI need to implement ASAP!

  11. We've noticed that when we are on external audio, and want to play with 4 decks, we got a major crash...with 3 decks we are cool, but if we channel the 4th deck then it crashes big time....anyone got that same problem?

  12. Great review! I love it. I also love the TSP2 :)

    here are few cons, which are missed (maybe worth to be updated in the article..):
    1. the key correction on the sample decks (CRITICAL)
    2. the MIDI mapping screen (small) size is bad. NI simply needs to change this.
    3. the limited customization of the S4's built-in mappings. There are few very annoying decisions, which need to be corrected (e.g. 4FX mode behavior)
    4. (not sure about this?)There's no built-in mapping for the X1 in sample decks mode. Such was expected ...
    5. Maschine's integration still requires external audio cables. This is ridicules. NI has to provide a way to properly route Maschine's audio into T(S)P without physical or 3rd party virtual cables. It's already promised for 2011, but some more heat on this could help, I hope 😉
    6. Finally, the fact that NI refuse to TSP certify the DB4, makes me sad. NI gets great respect by me & many others for the openness their system has - you can virtually hook up any piece of gear and use it within Traktor. DB4 is probably the best mixer made by far (in certain aspects) and NI's answer "low projected sales" is just not nice. DB4 deserves this certification.

    On the positive side, besides that I really like it a lot, TSP2 gave me some additional/unmentioned benefits, as an S4 users, like:
    A. DVS/Timecode is now enabled with the Kontrol S4, which is de-facto the first streamlined integrated solution with DVS ability.
    B. Upon startup, Traktor/KS4 preserves the cross fader & FX assignments from the previous sessions. That was pretty annoying with TPS4.

  13. Hi, I'm a recently started bedroom DJ using traktor LE with a Mixtrack Pro, I know this technically isnt relevant to Pro 2, but hey.
    i'm finding the Traktor software quite easy to use but I'm having trouble. Using a Novation Launch Pad I have made numerous sythesised vocal samples on Abelton to play out into a seperate mixer channel (and everything playing out to speakers/amp thereafter) to use in my mixes. I cant seem to get the Launch Pad to NOT connect to traktor, even when connecting it after traktor has started up. Any advice? or do i just invest in an S4 with Pro 2 as it has the sample decks within Traktor itself??

    • you have probably enabled the launchpad as a MIDI device in Traktor at some point. When reconnecting it, Traktor is initializing it again. Once you connect the launchpad, go to Preferences -> Controller Manager and check the device list. If the launchpad is there, simply delete/remove it from the list of Traktor controllers.

      As per your other question, there's no point to buy the S4 package just to get TP2. You can simply use the upgrade option for LE ->TP2 (~130EUR). S4 is either way a better controller, of course ...

  14. Hello Again,

    Does anyone knows why the crossfader and volume fader bars wont show up unless i plug my soundcard?

    This didn't happen with the previous version of traktor..


    • should be the Layout preset.
      Short version is RTFM, long version is:
      There's a dropdown on the top of the windows, which allows you to select the layouts. The list of layouts can be configured from Preferences -> "Layout Manager". The Layout itself is configured in the various Preferences screens, but mostly the "Mixer", "Decks" "Browser Details". When changing, the settings apply to the current layout.

      The difference with old vs the new version, is that Traktor 2 is doing some "auto configuration" based on the connected Audio Device. Your issue is probably a consequence of this. Make sure to select the proper layouts in the two modes you'll be using it (external/internal mixing, etc) and it should be fine.

  15. I would like to see a market breakdown on which type of program people use in public shows. How many on Traktor, itch, Crosswibe, Mixmeister, pcdj etc, etc There´s so many routes to go and at some point one have to decide, am i heading into the hardware department or have i got lost in the toystore? /Toby

  16. Hi Phil,

    great report as always. quick question: i'm alittle scared about the 're-analyzing' part due to the new waveforms. What kind of info will i lose? If i lock my beatgrids in my current Traktor 1.2.7, what happens when i reanalyze a locked tracked? Do all my cue points disappear? What exactly is happening-- and do the beatmarkers shift due to a new algorhythm?

    Also you mentioned: 'But if you mess up, your old information remains intact in your previous version, so you can try again.'

    Does that mean that when i upgrade, it creates a separate install folder for traktor 2.0, and does not not crush my current version 1.2.7?

    • Phil Morse says:

      Yup, you got it - separate folder. Lock your cues and beatgrids, and all it will reanalyse is the waveform shapes so it can give them to you in colour with all the transients up to date.

  17. Steven K says:

    I have tried many of the industries' top software and I will say that Traktor Scratch Pro is the best. I love it for its advanced settings. I've used it longer than any other software and have learned what every function does. So it's not so complicated anymore. I would recommend the LE version for those of you who are new to DJ software. But I can't wait to get myself a pair of turntables and to use Traktor's amazing DVS capabilities. Best sound quality I have heard out of any software. I currently own two Numark V7's but but am held back by the lack of Itch's features. Even after the release of 2.0. All of the button's and effects on the V7's don't come near to the quality of Traktor's effects.

  18. Cristian Lopez says:

    Since the original traktor worked with DJ controllers (as the one I have MixtrackPro), would the traktor 2 work with the mixtrack pro also?

  19. I recently updated to Traktor Pro 2 and thought the waveforms were great! but they have dissapeared and i cant get them back by using the view options any ideas???????

  20. If I could, I would give native-instruments, the creators of Traktor, zero stars! I purchased their product 4 days ago and although my credit card was charged and I downloaded the product they never gave me a serial number to activate the product! I have spoken to multiple customer service reps and they have given me a horrible run around which included cancelling my order and re-purchasing (the first charge has still not been credited back to me). There average hold time when calling customer service is 20~25 minutes. If you do a few google searches, you will find EVERYONE who deals with this company has horrible experiences and there customer service hardly even exists. Do not buy this product. Try Abelton or Serrato, or anything other than native instruments!

    • While you've obviously had a bad experience here, I think it's unfair to say everyone who deals with any company has a bad experience. Certainly this is not the experience of most people round here, and while oftentimes Native Instruments has been criticised for one thing and another, most users of their products that I interact with are generally happy with them.

  21. One Shoulder Heavy says:

    When using my previous version (traktor scratch pro) I could set a song to be master even if it was not playing, Now it seems with the new program it will only become master if it is actually playing.... This was useful because when mixing if you wanted to stop the track (in Deck A), for example using a delayed echo, you could quickly make the song (in Deck B) master and the echo would sync to the new tempo.

    Is anone else having similar problems?

    Gutted to find that there is no pitch control in the sample decks pretty much defeats the purpose of them.

  22. One Shoulder Heavy says:

    Phil you got any tips for me mate?

  23. Is it possible to zoom in on the waveforms in Traktor Pioneer Edition 2 for the DDJ-T1? The "+" and "-" seem to be absent from the deck display in this version.

  24. hi guys the pitch sensitivty on my traktor scratch pro is very intense. when i slide the pitch slider on my 1210 1mm the bpm can decrease or increase by 2beats per minute, this is not very responsive and very didimilar to vinyl, have i got my settings wrong?

    i have been a vinyl dj for 10 years and can beatmatch no problem but im having major problems with traktor scratch duo



  25. Phil Heaffey says:

    hi guys, i am using traktor scratch pro 2... 2xcdj 400 and a djm 400 (pioneer).... i have connected everything and everything works ok, but when i switch to external mode the crossfader and level switchs do not appear.... when i switch back to internal, they pop back up.... really having alot of trouble with this

    please help :)

    • That's correct - external mode disables Traktor's internal mixer so you can use an external mixer instead. It effectively turns it into two digital decks.

      • Phil Heaffey says:

        ok, but when i want to record something, it doesnt actually keep the levels, for example if i reduce the volume on my djm mixer or move my crossfader from left to right, it doesnt come record like im doing it....

  26. the S4 comes with the latest version of the software and a free upgrade to v2.5 when it is released.

  27. DJ Untouchable says:

    I agree that traktor needs to have an option for parallel waveforms, if they did i would totally go back to tractor but for now i prefer serato to or vdj because i like the waveform setup much better, i have all 3 softwares, honestly feel like vdj deserves more credit than it gets tho

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