Virtual DJ 7.3 Released


Virtual DJ 7.3 is available now and adds a new more flexible search, better EQ and improved sound quality among other features.

Virtual DJ 7.3 has been released. This time the update majors on improving sound quality: Virtual DJ 7.3 boasts an improved sound engine, an automatic limiter, and an optional parametric EQ among its headline features.

While Virtual DJ's users wait patiently for Virtual DJ 8 to go public, Virtual DJ's 7.x upgrades seem to be coming thick and fast, with today's Virtual DJ 7.3 being the third such update in just a couple of months.

There are also the usual updates for compatibility with new and shortly available DJ controllers, and other improvements like better jogwheel reactivity with controllers, better multi-field search, and inevitably a swathe of somewhat obscure bugfixes.

As always, Virtual DJ 7.3 is free for all registered Broadcaster/Pro Basic/Pro Full users. You can find full details on the Virtual DJ website.

Pleased to see that long-asked for parametric EQ making its way to Virtual DJ? Have you downloaded 7.3 yet, and if so, does it sound better to you? Please share your thoughts below


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  1. I already downloaded the 7.3 version. i got full pro..and can't wait for the 8th version. i would say it's a bit weird how they keep adding things top the 7.x..but non the less im loving this update! there is some real sweet stuff..Serato and Traktor better pack up their stuff..:)


  2. it sounds really good REALLY good...not so brash...add to that the quad faders and im good.

  3. If they want to really improve sound quality for those whom it really matters, they would add FLAC support. I hear so many mixes that are laden with MP3 artifacts overlayed on top of each other where they both source their content and release their mix with MP3. As if one round in the lossy psychoacoustic chipper shredder wasn't enough.

    I'd rather hear a worn out, scratchy record as to hear some of that MP3 flanging and gurgling any day! No FLAC support, no fun.

  4. @Juan - have you tried this codec for flac support in VDJ ? It's not something I'd have a big call for personally so I don't know if it works with versions post 2008 but cioce is usually on the ball...

  5. This is awesome. Props to the VDJ crew for not making us wait for a sound upgrade! :-)

  6. VirtualDJ support FLAC files long ago. VirtualDJ could work with mp3, aac, mp4, asf, vob, mpeg-2, mpg-1, divx, xvid, mkv, avi, wav, wmv, wma, flv, zip, dat, mov, vix, ogg, m4a, cda, aif, aiff... much more than many others.

  7. Gr8, thnx for a sound quality update!! But just CANT wait for VDJ 8!!

  8. dj distraction says:

    No 7.3 yet for Cue...? :(

  9. Bryan Singleton says:

    Downloaded Virtual DJ 7.3 and noticed a big improvement in sound quality.Love the limiter as well.Can't wait for VDJ 8.

  10. DJ_ForcedHand says:

    I think a DJ program round up is due. Some programs handle video, while others handle deep-dish sample control. It's often hard to choose software because many features are assumed included. I find the ability to turn on/off and show what I want more important than features.

  11. This is an excellent update. The Sound quality has improved tremendously. I'm currently using the Mixtrack Pro, and the timing for scratching is on point it almost feels like vinyl. I didn't need to tweak it with the registry at all. I can't wait for 8 to drop 😉

  12. DJ Coldfield says:

    The improvement of sound quality is the most important update so far and as promised in VDJ8 it will also handle other sample rate than 44,1 kHz. The parametric EQ is also a valueble upgrade that improved my controller (Denon MC-3000) a lot. I've started using VDJ in 2003-2004 and I think that the improvement and development the Atomix team has made during this years make me wanna stay with the product. I have Traktor but due to some CPU-problems I cannot use it in a live situation. (Yes my computer is tweaked). This weekend I tried 7.3 in a livesituation and the sound was nearly perfect but still it can be better. The equipment was Pioneer CDJ 350 as controllers and Traktor Audio 2 as soundcard. All through a Pioneer-mixer ( I rather use Denon or A&H because they are better but it's not my decision). VDJ is a reliable software and during all this years the crashes has been few.

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