[NAMM 2016] Best Of The Rest

Once again we searched high and low the entire NAMM week to get you the latest and greatest DJ gear in what's become our most extensive coverage to date of the showroom floor. Apart from all the talkthroughs, we've also got one more roundup for you to go through called the Best Of The Rest.

[NAMM 2016] Blue Lola Headphones Video Talkthrough

Last year Blue Microphones released a headphone that included an onboard headphone amplifier called the Mo-Fi. It was a hit with enthusiasts and those who liked the extra punch the onboard amplifier added, but for straight up DJing it was more than what was necessary.

[NAMM 2016] Fluid Audio FX8 & FX5 Monitors Video Talkthrough

I was going around the basement level of NAMM 2016 and something caught my ear while I was passing the Fluid Audio stand. The company had a bunch of speakers on display, but the FX8 and FX5 monitors sounded great, were compact, and are perfectly priced for bedroom DJ/producers.

[NAMM 2016] ADJ XS 600 & Inno Pocket Spot LZR Lighting Video Talkthrough

We always look forward to lighting every NAMM, and there were a couple of great new lights at the ADJ booth this year. The XS 600 is a unique twisting light with red, green, blue, and white LEDs that give you dual tilting effects in a compact enclosure, while the Inno Pocket Spot LZR gives you [...]

[NAMM 2016] Chauvet DJ Mini Kinta & Beamer 8 Lighting Video Talkthrough

The Chauvet DJ stand here at NAMM 2016 had a couple of multi-purpose lighting effects that are ideal for DJs looking to get maximum utility out of a small spend. The Mini Kinta light combines a strobe, derby, and laser all in one unit and the Beamer 8 features eight RGB lighting pods.

[NAMM 2016] Smithson Martin Kontrol Fighter Video Talkthrough

Spotted this at the Smithson Martin stand here at NAMM 2016 - a button controller that'll remind you of the Midi Fighter from a few years back (one of my favourite controllers of all time, I've still got it in my room!) It works a little differently though... read on to find out.

[NAMM 2016] ADJ VMS5 DJ Controller Video Talkthrough

We had a look at the brand new VMS5 controller and standalone DJ mixer here at the ADJ stand at NAMM 2016. The biggest change in this new update to the VMS series are the larger jogwheels which are quite fun to use. There are also line and phono inputs if you want to connect CDJs and turntables.