[NAMM 2015] 8 DJ Bags & Cases From UDG, Magma, Namba & More

Joey Santos
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Last updated 4 August, 2017


UDG Carl
Want a case for your Kontrol S8 with the official endorsement of Carl Cox and Native Instruments? That’ll be this one from UDG then, one of many S8 cases on show at NAMM.

We’ve rounded up for you a list of DJ and controller bags that were on the NAMM 2015 showroom floor; from small accessory cases to the largest of DJ controller carry-on bags, here are the ones that caught our attention over the four-day show proper.

The New Bags & Cases

1. UDG Carl Cox Traktor Kontrol S8

UDG Carl Cox
This new bag from UDG fits the Traktor S8 perfectly and comes with Carl Cox’s logo in the front.

One of the coolest bags on display was UDG’s Carl Cox Traktor Kontrol S8 bag, which snugly fits a Traktor S8 inside. It comes with a strap that you can clip onto the sides of the bag if you want to carry it on your shoulder, aside from the hand carry straps.

2. Magma CTRL Cases

Magma Control Case
These cases are ideal companions to your laptop bag, especially if you bring a minimum of gear like control records and the tiny new AMX mixer from Akai.

On display at the Magma stand were new cases for Akai’s AMX and AFX series of controllers, as well as a wallet that can fit up to eight pieces of control vinyl. The case for the Akai controllers was rigid, making it great protection if you want to just toss the AMX or AFX in your rucksack.

3. Namba Gear XXL Backpack For Traktor Kontrol S4

Namba Gear bags are spacious and well-built, making them ideal for busy gigging DJs with lot of gear.

Namba Gear has a new backpack that’s large enough to fit controllers up to the size of a Traktor Kontrol S4. It has two large zippered compartments with enough space for your laptop, leads, headphones, and other items you need for your gig. The shoulder straps on this unit have been designed in a way that the weight of what you’re carrying isn’t concentrated on a 90-degree angle where the strap meets the bag, leading to a more robust rucksack strap construction. These aren’t going to snap easily!

4. UDG Urbanite Backpack Medium

UDG Backpack
The new UDG Urbanite backpacks are sleek looking bags designed to carry today’s most popular controllers.

The UDG Urbanite Backpack comes in large and medium sizes (the medium-sized one is pictured here). The smaller of the two fits controllers like the Numark NV, Traktor Kontrol S4, and other similarly sized controllers. The large version can fit controllers like the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and the Traktor Kontrol S8.

5. Magma CTRL Case NV

If you’re looking for a case to carry just your Numark NV without extra accessories or your laptop, this Magma CTRL is a good choice.

Magma has a case specifically for the Numark NV, called the CTRL Case NV. It has a foam lining on the inside to protect your controller during transport to and from the gig, and makes the NV fit nice and snug.

6. Odyssey Redline Accessory Bag

Odyssey Redline Accessory Bag
Carry your cables and accessories in organised style instead of a messy bundle with this bag from Odyssey.

Similar to the UDG Creator DIGI Hardcase, this accessory bag from Odyssey’s Redline series opens up with enough space to carry leads, power bricks, USB sticks, external hard drives, audio interfaces, and even a slim pair of headphones.

7. Fusion DJ Controller Bag

Fusion DJ Controller Bag
This controller bag from Fusion comes with the company’s “Zip-away” system that lets you open up the bag fully for greater access.

One of the more interesting bags in this year’s show was this one from Fusion. This bag can fit controllers up to the size of a Pioneer DDJ-SX, and it opens up quite like a flower because of the “Zip-away” system, which has zippers running throughout the bag, letting you fully-open it like no other bag on the market right now. It’s got a sleeve inside to hold your controller, along with numerous compartments to for your accessories. You can carry it either as a rucksack, or with the handle on top of the bag.

8. Odyssey Redline Digital 3XL Bag

Odyssey Redline Digital 3XL Bag
This bag from Odyssey fits the DDJ-SZ, which makes it a great option for those who don’t want to carry the gigantic controller in a heavy flight case.

Odyssey’s new controller bag in the Redline series fits the Pioneer DDJ-SZ, currently the largest DJ controller out in the market. It has velcro straps inside to secure your DDJ-SZ while in transport, and it’s also got a padded interior. The bag has a front zippered pocket where you can store items like an external hard drive, a tablet, USB keys, and others.

Special mention…

Mono EFX Fader

Mono EFX Fader
Well-built and still popular, the Mono EFX Fader continues to be the bag of choice for many digital jocks.

The only bag that isn’t necessarily “new”, the EFX Fader from Mono has been around for awhile, but production for it continues on because it’s a popular choice among digital DJs who use a DVS because it’s got room for your control vinyl, laptop, leads, and headphones, among other items you take along on a gig. It’s also one of the few truly waterproof bags, so you can rest assured that even if you have to travel under demanding conditions, your gear’s safe.

Which of these bags do you fancy? Any cases in particular that you’d want to see in next year’s NAMM Show? Let us know your thoughts.

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