NAMM 2013: Gemini GMX Pro Video Talkthrough

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 14 November, 2017

We got a first look at the Gemini GMX Pro controller, which in our opinion is very much aimed at mobile DJs who also have laptops, rather than laptop DJs who occasionally want to play from USB.

It’s a budget-built controller with average-feeling jogwheels and a plastic body, but it nonetheless has a featureset that stand it aside from also-ran DJ controllers. There are waveforms (not visible in the video) for each audio source, and we liked the fact that it apparently remembers cue points on-board, although we haven’t obviously had a chance to check how reliable that is.

Overall, this will appea to a certain type of DJ: someone who wants to play from USB using a budget controller, but who also fancied dabbling with software control (the unit ships with Virtual DJ LE). We’re expecting it be relatively inexpensive when it arrives later this year.

Nice mix of features, or something that doesn’t really push your buttons? Please share your thoughts on the Gemini GMX Pro in the comments.

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