Review & Video: Allen & Heath Xone:43C Digital DJ Mixer

For many DJs, a digital DJ controller is a great way to play. But for some, the flexibility, expansion potential and usually superior audio quality available through building a DJ system from separate components means that this is often a preferred route. Allen & Heath’s Xone:43C is designed to be the heart of just this type of system.

Review & Video: Numark NS7III Serato DJ Controller

The Numark NS7III is the latest incarnation of a truly special line of DJ controllers. The NS7 was the ultimate digital take on “two decks and a mixer”. The NS7II went all controllerism on us, with Akai Pro pads, four decks and a whole host of digital developments. Now, with the NS7III, onboard screens have arrived.

Serato DJ 1.8 Out: Get A Free Trial

Serato DJ 1.8, which adds built-in key detection and display, is available now. This is a free update for all DJs with supported Serato DJ hardware or licences, and you can download it as ever from the Serato website. This release also includes an update to Pitch ‘n Time DJ allowing key shifting and key sync.

Streaming Music Comes To Serato, Offline Supported

Serato users will soon be able to DJ with music streamed directly from the internet, thanks to the company’s new partnership with music subscription service, Pulselocker. As of Serato DJ 1.9, subscribers to Pulselocker Pro will be able to search for, play, and keep offline copies of any of a 44 million-strong library, for use within Serato DJ.

Serato Releases Free Pyro Music App, Redefines Shuffle

Serato just launched Pyro, an free iOS music playlist app aimed squarely at consumers (ie non-DJs). It can automatically arrange songs in a playlist according to how well they’d go together, and then you can leave it running throughout the entire party as it seamlessly mixes all the tunes you’ve picked.

Serato DJ 1.7.8: Now Plays Nicely With iTunes Again

Serato just released an update to Serato DJ that fixes some issues with iTunes 12.2. Now at version 1.7.8, bugs such as iTunes folders not collapsing and unnecessary playlists (such as “Apps” and “Books” playlists) being displayed have been squashed. A freeze issue with some Serato Remote users has also been addressed.

How The Turntable Of The Future Might Look

Well, maybe not, but it got your attention…. right? This conceptual mock-up picture popped up in our VIP Platinum Facebook Group, promoting a huge discussion about where the turntable might go from here – but while it’s certainly eye-catching, there are certain obvious flaws in our view.