Controller Clinic #39: Traktor Kontrol S8 Vs Pioneer DDJ-SX2


Digital DJ Tips member Sean Gretka writes: “I am currently using Serato DJ with an SL2 box and my Vestax turntables. I have decided to sell my old set up and upgrade to a Pioneer DDJ SX2 so I can take advantage of more of Serato’s features, plus the touchpads on the SX2 look like fun! but then I saw the Traktor Kontrol S8…”

[NAMM 2015] Numark NS7III Serato DJ Controller


Numark’s flagship announcement at NAMM 2015 is the Numark NS7III for Serato DJ, the latest iteration of the NS7 motorised platter series, that now crucially now builds on last year’s Numark NS7II with the addition of build-in screens.

[NAMM 2015] Denon MC4000 Serato DJ Controller


Denon has announced the Denon MC4000 DJ Controller at NAMM 2015, a brand new controller for Serato DJ, and its first brand new DJ product since the company was taken over by Numark’s owner, inMusic, last year. It ships with Serato DJ Intro.

Over To You: What Next For Built-In Screens?


Digital DJ Tips reader Lee writes: “I was looking at the Numark NV and loved the idea of the displays. I like the individual screens, but the visual I seem to use most in Serato is the combined one to beatmatch. My question to you is: How long before we see more information put on such screens?”

Controller Clinic #38: Should I Still Buy Vestax?


Digital DJ Tips reader Ignacy Klimont writes: “Yesterday, I noticed big price drops on Vestax products, which I guess is due to the bankruptcy of Vestax. And here’s my point: What do you think about buying DJing hardware in this situation?”

How To Optimise Your Mac For DJing


In this article, I’m going to share with you some tips on getting your Mac running at its best while you DJ, as well as some small caveats for Mac users that you may not know about. Yes, Macs are known for their stability and reliability, but let’s be clear on a couple of things…

Controller Clinic #34: Remix Decks vs SP-6 Sample Player


Reader Robert writes: “My question is about the SP-6 decks in Serato which I assume are the equivalent to Traktor’s Remix Decks. Traktor has a huge library of remix packs which can be bought to supplement the free stuff. I have checked out Serato’s website and I cant find any substantial material/packs.”