Over To You: What Next For Built-In Screens?


Digital DJ Tips reader Lee writes: “I was looking at the Numark NV and loved the idea of the displays. I like the individual screens, but the visual I seem to use most in Serato is the combined one to beatmatch. My question to you is: How long before we see more information put on such screens?”

Mixed In Key 7 Brings Auto Cue Points For Serato & Traktor


The latest version of popular key analysis app Mixed In Key has just been released. Mixed in Key 7 brings automatic cue point creation for Serato and Traktor, automatic playlists based on energy level, and a more streamlined and simple workflow,

Over To You: Updating Software Before A Big Gig

Updates are generally a good idea, but Is this kind of thing advisable the day before a gig?

Digital DJ Tips forum reader DJ High-Tone writes: “I have my biggest gig ever tomorrow! I need some advice. A few weeks ago Native Instruments released a critical Traktor Pro 2 update. While I updated the S4 driver, I have yet to install the update for Traktor 2. Would it be dangerous to do that the day before my huge gig?

Controller Clinic #38: Should I Still Buy Vestax?


Digital DJ Tips reader Ignacy Klimont writes: “Yesterday, I noticed big price drops on Vestax products, which I guess is due to the bankruptcy of Vestax. And here’s my point: What do you think about buying DJing hardware in this situation?”

Get 10 Remix Sets For Free From Native Instruments


Hold up on that Christmas list! Native Instruments is giving away a selection of 10 Remix Sets from their catalogue, along with a US$25 E-Voucher that you can use towards any purchase on the NI Online Shop at the Native Instruments website.

Controller Clinic #36: How Can I DJ With Traktor, CDJs and USBs?

The Pioneer XDJ-R1 can work with Rekordbox / USBs, Traktor, and your reader's existing turntables... is it the perfect digital/analogue hybrid?

Reader Rich writes: “I’ve been reading a lot of Digital DJ Tips as I finally feel the need to move away from 1210s and CDJs. My current CDJs only play audio CDs, not USBs. I want to bridge the gap towards DJing with Traktor, while still being able to use USB sticks on my new set-up as well as on the club CDJs.”

DVS Wars! Native Drops Price of Traktor Z2 Mixer

kontrol z2

Native Instruments has dropped the price of its Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ mixer, which now at just US$599 / €599 / £479 for the whole of December gives you both the mixer and audio interface you need to get you off the ground with Traktor’s DVS solution, Traktor Scratch Pro 2.