10 Technical Errors You May Not Know You’re Making

We all make mistakes. However, some of the technical mistakes that DJs make are completely avoidable. They will cost you bookings and a whole load of embarrassment if you don't nip them in the bud as soon as possible. In this article we will cover the most common technical errors DJs make that are easily avoidable.

Pioneer DJ's Interface 2 Brings Rekordbox DVS To All

Pioneer DJ has announced the Interface 2, a compact two-channel DVS audio interface that allows DJs to control Rekordbox DJ/Rekordbox DVS software using any vinyl/CD DJ set-up. It ships with licence keys for Rekordbox DJ and the Rekordbox DVS software, as well as two timecode vinyl records.

Get Traktor Pro 2 At 50% Off

Native Instruments has announced a half-price sale on its Traktor Pro 2 software at its online store. The promo runs until 16 July 2017 only. This is a sweet deal for anyone looking to get into digital DJing, or for those coming from other DJ software who want to try mixing with Traktor's Stems and Remix Decks.

A Beginner's Guide To Digital Vinyl Systems

Digital Vinyl Systems, or DVS, can feel like a a complicated topic and beginners can be forgiven for seeing it all as witchcraft! In this article we'll demystify the art and science of using traditional DJ gear to control DJ software, explaining how it works, why you may wish to use it, then talking through your options for getting started.

Roundup: 5 Best Starter DJ Controllers

In this article, we look at five of the best starter DJ controllers for casual / leisure use - anywhere from a dorm room or house party, to Sunday barbecues and DJing on-the-go. These fun controllers all fall under US$300, so they also make decent controllers for beginners or those wanting to see if digital DJing is for them.

Review & Video: Remixvideo Video Mixing App For Mac

In this review we're checking out Remixvideo from Mixvibes. It's a standalone VJ app that lets you mix up to six video clips and manipulate them with effects on the fly, and you can also use it as a plugin in a digital audio workstation (DAW) like Ableton Live. Let's dive in...

7 Hacks To Improve Your DJing This Weekend

The weekend has landed, and for DJs that means gigs (and hopefully a bit of extra cash too). However, whether you're DJing or not this weekend, why not spend some improving your skills? Our seven quick hacks are a good starting place.