Getting Started With Stems & Traktor Part 4: Using With The Kontrol S4

This is rather a special instalment of our series on using the bright new Stems file format from Native Instruments in your DJing, because it concerns a feature that has only just been launched, at the time of writing, at least (February 2016): Onscreen stem waveform display in Traktor.

Getting Started With Stems & Traktor, Part 3: Kontrol D2 & DVS

Stems is an immensely exciting format, and with the Traktor Kontrol D2, Native Instruments has a good, portable way of adding Stems to any club DVS set-up. And so we carry on this series of mini-tutorials on Stems with that model. If you play with Traktor using DVS, and want to add a bit of spice to your sets, read on...

Build Your Own Controller In A Snap With Palette

A new modular controller called Palette has started to ship. Made up of fader, knob, and button modules that snap together via magnet, Palette hooks up to your laptop via USB through its core module, which is the heart of the entire system. You then build your controller around it, adding up to 18 modules in total.

Black Friday Deals From Traktor & Serato

Black Friday is here, and Traktor and Serato both have got some great deals this year. Traktor Pro 2 normally retails for US$99, but you can grab it now at 50% off. For Serato, you can buy the full version of Serato DJ for US$99 instead of its usual US$129 price, and it comes with Serato's Pitch 'n Time add-on for free.

Tiny Faderfox DJ4 Traktor Controller Launched

German boutique gear company Faderfox just released the Micromodul DJ4. Perhaps the smallest Traktor Pro 2 controller in the market today, it packs a ton of controls including a crossfader, two volume faders, EQ and filter knobs with kill switches, switchable four-deck control, and even monitoring / library browsing knobs.

Getting Started With Stems & Traktor, Part 1: Choosing Stems

So many of you have been asking us how to get started DJing with Stems files on your new Traktor hardware. Stems is the new multitrack DJ music format that controllers like the Kontrol S5. To help you have fun quickly with them, we have some pointers, gleaned from our experiments with the format.

Your Questions: How Can I Switch From Traktor To Rekordbox?

Reader Ryan Graham asks: "I have been using Traktor for the last couple of years and I have just bought a new XDJ-RX controller to use with Rekordbox. Is there a way of transferring cue points and tags from Traktor to Rekordbox to save me having to do it all manually?"