Is Live Remixing The Future Of DJing?


Is live remixing the future of DJing? That’s the premise of the latest video interview from Native Instruments, as they ask Pan-Pot about what they do to differentiate themselves from the DJing crowds. We want your say – so take a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Bluffer’s Guide to Traktor’s Remix Decks, Part 2

Remix Decks pt 2 feat img

In today’s article, I’ll show you five practical tips to get you started using Remix Decks today. No fancy routines, finger drumming, and flashy gimmicks involved; just plain, easy-to-use techniques that you can add to your DJ repertoire to give you an artistic edge over the next digital DJ that’s just “pressing play”!

Bluffer’s Guide To Traktor’s Remix Decks, Part 1

remix decks

Nearly two-and-a-half years ago, we first saw Traktor’s Remix Decks in operation, Yet still we get asked over and over again: “What exactly are they?”, “Should I be using them in my DJing?” or alternatively, we hear DJs saying: “I’ve bought the hardware, and it’s gathering dust – help!”

Review & Video: Mixur Template For Traktor

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In this article we’re going to review Mixur, which is a Lemur template custom built to take control of Traktor Pro 2. Developed by Desertfox studios, it’s a great introduction into the world of Lemur objects and interfaces, as we shall see…

Promo Video: Using Remix Sets On Traktor’s Remix Decks


Native Instruments just released a video showing a routine using the Remix Decks, a couple of Traktor Kontrol F1s and a whole pile of Remix Sets. Remix Sets are pre-prepared “packs” of sounds by top producers that you can load into the Remix Decks on Traktor and “play” using the Kontrol F1.

Video: How To Use Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2′s Touchstrip

Kontrol X1 Mk2

In this short video, I introduced modular DJing and the Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2, before going into detail as to what the touchstrips do on the unit.

Traktor Kontrol S4 & S2 Get Price Drops For April

Been meaning to buy a Traktor Kontrol S4? Along with the S2, you now can at a discounted price for the whole month of April.

Native Instruments has announced a price drop of US$100/€100 for the Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk2 and US$50/€50 from the Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk2, making these units US$699/€699 and US$499/€449 respectively.