Over To You: How & Where Do I Set Up When There’s No DJ Booth?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 28 November, 2017


dj on the beach
DJing on the beach: Sometimes there’s no DJ booth and you have to find a way of setting up with what’s available to you. Pic: Resident Advisor

Reader Will writes: “So I have a question: Where do you set up when you don’t have a booth? There is no shortage of places to DJ in my town, many of which don’t know that they probably need a DJ especially on weekends. Problem is that these places aren’t designed with DJs in mind, some places are so small that there isn’t enough room for live music like a band. That’s where being a mobile and fully digital DJ comes in handy, because I don’t have to lug turntables around in a giant coffin case.”

“But that presents another problem: If you don’t have a DJ booth, where or what do you use to set up your controller and laptop? I was looking at collapsible Odyssey DJ booths and stands. Would something like this work? What are other mobile laptop DJ’s using right now?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

One of the great things about digital DJing is that it lets you play in places that otherwise couldn’t accommodate a DJ. I’d say it’s all about having the smallest possible footprint and a good, sturdy stand meaning you can put your laptop above your controller. You need to think about not bending over your equipment to use it as that can give you backache really easily.

But where there’s not even a surface to set up on… I am not sure, especially if you’re looking for something portable. Over to the readers for their suggestions.

Do you DJ in a place where you can’t swing a cat? Where do you set your gear up? How do you get round the lack of space? What stands or supports do you use to set up your digital DJ gear? Please help Will out by replying below.

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