Why Do DJs Make Such Good Cooks?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 15 November, 2017


DJ cook
So why do DJs make such good cooks? (No jokes about ‘they both use mixers’, please.)

So why do DJs make such good cooks? When Native Instruments had a DJ cooking demo at the Amsterdam Dance Event this year (video at end), the interest was huge. Whoever came up with that publicity stunt obviously shares my opinion that there’s something in this. Actually, it’s been the same way for years. It’s something I’ve always observed among DJs I know. We seem to all have a reverence for food and music. (By the way, I love to cook too – it’s my “second” passion).

For me, maybe it’s taking hard to find ingredients and producing something new with them. Maybe it’s getting the timing just right. Maybe it’s doing what you want, but making sure other people like it too. Or it could just be something to do with good, old-fashioned showing off!

Quentin Harris, to give one famous DJ example, says: “Most of my colleagues are really good cooks. If you ever get the opportunity to have them cook for you, David Morales and Frankie Knuckles are amazing cooks! The correlation I think is the mixing process, of knowing how to add just the right amount of this, or that and trying to make something you’ve been eating for the past ten years interesting again.”

I really don’t know, but I do know it’s true (I bet more than a fair share of DJs reading this are having a hand in the cooking this festive season). So If you’re a DJ and you’re also a cook, and you’ve had this thought too, I’d love to hear what you think. There has to be some deep-seated reason why this occurs, and I reckon between us we can get to the truth of it…




Got any ideas about this? Please share your ideas on why DJing and cooking seem to go so well together in the comments below…

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