Pioneer DJ Unveils HDJ-X Headphone Series

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
HDJ-X headphones Pioneer DJ Pro
Last updated 23 March, 2018


Pioneer DJ just announced the HDJ-X series, a new line of DJ headphones consisting of three models: the HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7, and HDJ-X5. All have a sleek, fresh design and newly developed ear drivers. The flagship HDJ-X10 has 50mm “HD drivers” that Pioneer DJ claims are “capable of playing back high-resolution 24-bit 96kHz sound”.

The HDJ-X10 also comes with water-repellent leather ear pads for comfort during extended use, and a flat clamshell carrying case that has compartments for thumb drives and SD cards.

The mid-tier HDJ-X7 has 50mm drivers and takes cues from Pioneer DJ’s former flagship HDJ-2000MK2 headphones, while the HDJ-X5 has 40mm drivers and retains most of the look and feel of the other two models in the HDJ-X range.

All models come with build features taken from the HDJ-2000MK2, including detachable cables, swivel earcups, noise isolation, and replaceable parts.

The “HD sound” claim sounds like marketing babble to us, but nonetheless Pioneer DJ’s HDJ-X series looks professional from top to bottom – even the entry-level HDJ-X5 looks the business. Watch out for our review of these models soon.

Check out the promo video and photo gallery below.

Promo Video

Photo Gallery

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• The HDJ-X series will be available from October 2017. The HDJ-X10 retails for US$339, the HDJ-X7 at US$199, and the HDJ-X5 at US$99. Check the Pioneer DJ site for more details.

What do you think of these cans? Will hi-res audio become a thing in DJing? Or are these incremental advancements unnecessary? Share your thoughts below.

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