Yes, The Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 DOES Work With Serato…

Last updated 1 August, 2022


We started getting the messages a day or so ago, about the new Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 not working with Serato as advertised. “For some reason this controller is not listed on the option for Serato DJ Pro and I’m not getting it to work…” said Ayton.

And then the trickle became a flood, both under our video review and in our support ticket system. Here is one from YouTube:

“Just so everyone knows, I already have one of these controllers, but Serato hasn’t even released their software update to control the 500 yet. I found out the hard way when spending 3 hours of trying to install/re-install their software that would never find the hardware.” – Bryan

Some were more conspiratorial, for example:

“Buyers beware! This controller doesn’t work with Serato! I’m disappointed with ALL YouTubers not telling us this! We GOT TRICKED BY these YouTube DJs and Serato company as well.” – Ball is Life

What’s going on then?

Let me tell you what has happened here: Basically, Serato has not yet reeled out the newest version of its software that will include the functionality for the Inpulse 500, but for some reason the Inpulse 500 has hit the stores anyway. The two releases are, if you pardon the DJ pun, out of sync.

This is very rare (I can’t recall another instance of it happening) but it is also just a case of waiting a few hours longer. Try again later, people – your software will be available to download and all will work as it should.

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The wider story is that when companies provide hardware to review to media outlets like us, we always get a “build” of the software that lets us use the product ahead of time to make the review. It is pretty much identical in every way to that which end users get, and the fact is never worth mentioning for that reason, and because until now it’s never caused anyone any issues.

I very much suspect we’ll not see a repeat of this again for other new controllers in the future. Just one of those things, so be patient a little while longer people and all will be OK.

• UPDATE: This is now live and available.

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