How To Play Serato Through Your Laptop Speakers

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 17 March, 2022


Ever wondered why Serato makes you plug speakers in to your controller to be able to hear anything? Ever wished you could sometimes not bother, and just plug your controller in and DJ with your laptop speakers?

Whether it’s because you have a small controller and like to travel with it, or you have some great speakers already attached to your laptop and you don’t see why you can’t use them, it is something many people have wished for – and as of Serato DJ Pro 2.4, it has arrived.

How to play Serato through your laptop speakers

There are three things you need:

  1. You need to have your controller plugged in – Unless you’re using Serato Play (the Expansion Pack that lets you DJ with Serato using just the laptop and keyboard, in which case it automatically uses the laptop speakers), this step is essential
  2. You need to be running Serato DJ Pro 2.4 or newer – This was only introduced in Serato DJ Pro 2.4
  3. You need to have your laptop speakers set as the default audio output device on your computer – Unless you want to use other speakers that are attached via an audio interface, for instance – in which case, they ought to be selected

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Once you’re sure of all of those things, it’s as simple as going to the Settings, then Audio, then ticking the new box under Audio Output that says “Use Laptop Speakers”.

That’s it – finally, you can DJ with your controller without having to plug speakers into the controller itself.

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