Just Released: DJ Angelo’s Tricks & Transitions Course

Last updated 27 September, 2021


How would you like to learn DJ tricks and transitions from one of the most creative DJs in the world?

Viral video sensation DJ ANGELO has for many years been an innovator of DJ techniques, and in his brand-new DJ course, made with us here at Digital DJ Tips, he shows you how you too can DJ the way he does.

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If you’re not familiar with DJ ANGELO, he plays a crowd-pleasing mix of hip-hop, house, R&B, Latin, pop, funk, rock, and bass music, cleverly stitched together using some of the most impressive DJ tricks out there – things like tone play, pitch play, word play, big tempo shifts, scratching and more.

Here’s a recent YouTube video he made that is a good representation of how he plays:

Who’s the course for?

If you’re a DJ who likes to mix and mash styles, and you’d love to learn some world-class techniques, this is perfect for you.

Or if you’re an event DJ looking to differentiate yourself from other “open format” DJs, these are the techniques you need.

Maybe you’re just “stuck” for inspiration, and need some new direction in your DJing.

Finally, if you’ve just always been a fan of Angelo’s and want to get closer to him and how he plays – this is the chance you’ve been waiting for!

The course is designed for all skill levels, and for DJs who use all gear, from the smallest controllers to club set-ups and turntables.

We’ve been trying to get Angelo to make a full DJ course with us for a long time, so we’re really excited about this one.

Do This Now…

“DJ Angelo’s Tricks & Transitions” has just been made available to the public. Click here to go to the course page and learn more about it.

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