KRK GoAux 3 & 4 Are The Company’s First Portable Studio Monitors

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Last updated 27 October, 2022


Entering the space where IK Multimedia has had great success with its iLoud range, KRK has just launched the new KRK GoAux 3 & 4 speakers, portable studio-style monitors that have EQ, room tuning, isolating rubber bases, and convenient carry cases.

The three-inch GoAux 3 and four-inch GoAux 4 are “professional-quality monitors with a portable design”. They feature Bluetooth allowing users to connect wirelessly to smartphones, computers etc, and also feature standard 1/8-inch Aux and RCA stereo inputs.

The speakers come with stands, that not only isolate, but also allow for them to be tilted up to the listener’s position.

Users can also adjust their monitors’ response to the room and personal preference thanks to built-in LF and HF EQ. The added option of connecting headphones to the front panel 1/8-inch stereo output automatically mutes the GoAux speakers for a silent monitoring option.

“With KRK GoAux speakers, glass aramid woofers work alongside a one-inch soft textile dome tweeter in a bi-amplified two-way design, while durable rear-ported ABS cabinets supply an impressive bass extension.” says the company.

The rear of the larger version of the speakers. Note how there is a primary and secondary speaker, which will make for easier hook-up on the go.

Similar to some of the IK Multimedia portable speakers, with the GoAux 4 users get a measurement microphone and built-in Auto ARC (automatic room correction). This allows for automatic optimisation of the speakers’ response to the acoustic environment. The GoAux 4 also offers additional USB and 1/4-inch TRS balanced stereo inputs.

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The GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 are sold as matching pairs, along with the adjustable isolating stands, a carrying bag, and extra cables, and are available now at US$349 / US$419.

More info on the KRK website, and keep an eye on Digital DJ Tips for our imminent review.

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