5 Best DJ Systems For Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI

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Last updated 8 August, 2022


Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI is a powerful DJ platform. It runs on iOS and macOS, for one relatively low annual subscription. So for Apple fans, it may well be the perfect DJ software to commit to.

But whereas Traktor, Serato and Rekordbox have lots of obvious hardware that is designed either by the companies themselves or under tight licence, meaning choosing hardware to use with those software platforms is relatively easy, that’s not the case so much with djay Pro AI.

However, recently the makers of djay Pro AI have put a lot of work into improving this situation. They have:

  • Recoded the software so that it “adapts” to all types of hardware when connected, giving a smoother experience
  • Doubled down on making sure their software works with the widest choice of hardware possible

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With djay Pro AI having lots of features not available in other software, this means that if you’ve ever been tempted to give it a go, now could be a good time. In this article, then, we’ll look at five great hardware “fits” for djay pro AI, of all types and for all budgets.

5 Best DJ Systems For Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI

1. Best entry-level controller – Reloop Buddy

Top view of Reloop Buddy DJ controller with blue background

This compact little DJ controller is an official djay Pro AI device. It has a slot for your iPad/iPhone (but also works well with laptop).

It has Neural Mix access on the hardware (Neural Mix being Algoriddim’s powerful real-time stems separation tech), connects natively with iOS connection, and overall is easy to use and affordable.

Price: $329 / £215 / €249
Our review: Reloop Buddy
Buy now: Amazon

2. Best for DVS – Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 mixer + PLX-1000 turntables

Top view of Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 mixer on the left and PLX-1000 turntables on the right with a red background

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 mixer works plug and play with djay Pro AI, and when paired with djay’s own control vinyl, provides access to Neural Mix real-time stems directly from the vinyl itself.

This combo also offers best-in-class latency on both iOS and Mac. (You could also use the Reloop Elite mixer and Reloop RP-7000 turntables for an alternative DVS set-up.)

DJM-S7 price: $1449 / £1399 / €1599
PLX-1000 price: $699 / £649 / €799
Our reviews: Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 / PLX-1000
Buy now: Amazon (DJM-S7) / Amazon (PLX-1000)

3. Best pro club set-up – Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 players + DJM-900NXS2 mixer

Officially certified by Pioneer DJ, this is a straight plug-and-play experience with the Mac version, allowing you to use djay Pro AI with all its exclusive features on “club standard” DJ gear, thus offering a true alternative to Rekordbox, Serato etc.

It unfortunately doesn’t officially work with the iOS version, so walking up to a pro booth and plugging in your phone for a full DJ set is still a step away – hopefully that won’t be long, though…

CDJ-3000 price: $2549 / £2169 / €2599
DJM-900NXS2 price: $2399 / £2199 / €2499
Our reviews: Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 / DJM-900NXS2
Buy now: Official Website (CDJ-3000) / Official Website (DJM-900NXS2)

4. Best motorised DJ controller integration – Rane Twelve/One

Top view of Rane Twelve MKII turntable next to Rane One controller on light purple background

Algoriddim and Rane worked together to make sure that the performance of Rane’s motorised controllers with djay Pro AI, whether you choose to use it on Mac or iOS, is as good as can be. The result is as good a hardware/software integration as you’ll find with any platform.

Whether you choose the Rane One controller or add a pair of Rane Twelve controller decks to a mixer, it’ll work perfectly.

Rane One price: $1599 / £1259 / €1489
Rane Twelve price: $899 / £649 / €777
Our reviews: Rane One / Rane Twelve
Buy now: Amazon (Rane One) / Amazon (Rane Twelve)

5. Best modular set-up – Reloop Mixtour + iPad/iPhone

The Reloop Mixtour is a slim mixer controller, easy to fit into any DJ booth. Add an iPad or iPhone (especially the larger iPhones), maybe on a small stand, and you get a unique blend of touch and tactile, ultra compact and portable.

Our very own Laidback Luke has recently been seen DJing out at the biggest clubs and festivals experimenting with just such a set-up.

Price: $319 / £199 / €229
Our review: Reloop Mixtour
Buy now: Amazon


Djay Pro AI works with a wider variety of controllers and devices than ever – it’s always worth checking on the company’s hardware page to see if yours is covered. What’s more, if you’ve got a bit of time, it is nowhere near as hard as it may sound to “map” any Midi hardware to this software.

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That said, what we’ve presented to you here are five integrations, with a few variations thrown in, that we think particularly stand out. If you have any questions, or want to share your experiences, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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