Over To You: Best Place To Upload Mashups?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 5 April, 2018

DJ Download Pools
Looking for a place to upload your edits and remixes to? Some DJ download pools accept music submissions, provided your tracks meet their exacting standards.

Digital DJ Tips member DJ Xload writes: “I have a question of where I can upload my own mashups and remixes. SoundCloud just fails because of the copyright, Mixcloud is not for single tracks (too short for upload) and YouTube also gives me copyright problems.

“Where can I upload them for free download? And I also want to be able to see how much people listen to it and download it.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

One place we’ve seen people manage this seemingly hard task is by submitting their remixes and re-edits to DJ download pools for possible acceptance. One DJ who came through one of our training programmes did so (to DJCity) and heard his track played in Ibiza… by the original artist!

However, generally, it’s the download option that makes this problematic. If you can live without that, I suspect there are services out there that can help… but we can’t think of any off the top of our heads here in the office, so I’d like to throw this one over to the readers.

So, over to you! Do you have somewhere you like to use to showcase your mashups and re-edits? Please share with us below.

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