How To Build A DJ Music Library [Live DJing Q&A with Phil Morse]

Last updated 9 August, 2023

In this replay of our live Q&A lesson, we discussed Serato DJ controllers, how to build a DJ music library, preparing acapellas, and more!

Here’s what’s covered…

  • 4:02 Do Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000s support Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI?
  • 5:37 How can DJs utilise the Roland Aero Caster?
  • 7:50 What controller should I get for Serato DJ Pro?
  • 11:49 Which DJ controller is the best for beginners?
  • 14:37 What equipment do you use to control your live broadcast?
  • 16:49 What controller should I upgrade to from a Hercules DJ Inpulse 500?
  • 22:14 Any tips on how to build a DJ music library?
  • 26:22 How can I programme a house music set?
  • 27:57 Will there be a Denon DJ LC6000M?
  • 30:54 What do you think is the most used transition for multi-genre mixing?
  • 32:48 Will djay Pro replace Serato as the most popular DJ software?
  • 33:07 Should I switch from Serato to Rekordbox if I want to play in clubs?
  • 33:28 How should DJs deal with the highs and lows of gigging?
  • 34:23 What’s the best video frame rate for DJ livestreaming?
  • 36:33 What new laptop should I buy to run DJ software?
  • 41:01 How do you plug standalone DJ controllers into a mixer?
  • 44:00 Is the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 a good buy?
  • 47:45 How does Engine software work with standalone DJ gear?
  • 50:54 What’s the best way to get inspired again for making DJ mixes?
  • 53:15 How does James Hype prepare acapellas for mixing?

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