Controller Clinic #27: Best Jogwheel-Free Traktor Set-Up?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 13 November, 2017

Zomo MC-1000 review
The Zomo MC-1000 is designed to be tightly integrated with a standard-sized club mixer, for controlling Traktor in ‘external’ mode.

Digital DJ Tips reader Brian writes: “I am trying to put a home build together using Traktor. I was looking at the Pioneer DDJ-T1 but I am bit wary of its size and my use of the jogwheels would be limited. Really I like everything about the mixer on the T1 and its integration with Traktor, but I don’t think I’d need the jogs. I was also looking at the Pioneer DJM mixer series but am not totally clear on which can be Midi assignable. I’m also thinking of integrating such a mixer with Zomo MC-1000 to get the similar features of the T1 (minus the jogs).”

“Four channels is and a standard DJ mixer set up is the most important thing for me. My budget is about US$1000. I am not crazy at the build quality of Native Instruments’ own gear. I am an old school drum & bass DJ from back in the day so the Pioneer feel is a old friend of mine. Can you advise?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

The Pioneer DJM mixers are high quality metal items, but the DDJ-T1 is no better or worse build quality than Native’s gear, and the Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 is metal-built too (although only two “true” channels); just to let you know. Anyway, you can use any DJM mixer with the MC-1000. You don’t need the mixer to be Midi assignable as you use Traktor in “external” mode in this set-up, ie as a standard, analogue mixer. So the mixer therefore doesn’t control Traktor’s software mixer at all.

The Zomo MC-1000 has a four-channel sound card built in, so your mixer doesn’t need one of those either, so no need to go even for the Traktor-compatible DJM-850. If you could forfeit per-channel filters, the entry-level DJM-750 would be enough (or indeed a four-channel analogue mixer from any brand). In such a set-up, Traktor is then effectively a music library, with the MC-1000 acting as your transport controls for the four channels. You ought to be able to do this close to your budget.

Do you use a similar set-up? Are you a Zomo MC-1000 user? Do you use a Traktor set-up without jogwheels? or decks? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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