Controller Clinic #29: Old Controller Won’t Work With Mac Any More

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 9 November, 2017

Numark Omni
The Numark Omni Control was a reasonable controller in its day, but our reader is finding issues using it since he updated his OS.

Digital DJ Tips reader Keirin writes: “I bought a Numark Omni Control to go with my Traktor Pro v.1.2.7 on my MacBook ages ago. Well, it was working fine on my MacBook when my OS was Snow Leopard but when I (stupidly!) upgraded to Lion I was unable to connect up. I have searched Google but cannot find an answer, everyone seems to think that it just won’t work. I am thinking of upgrading my Traktor software too, if that’s any help.”

Digital DJ Tips says:

You might find they’re right, it’s a very old controller now – but we don’t have one to test. Could be time for an upgrade, as Traktor 2.x won’t likely work too well with it either, especially the jogs. I’m assuming you’re going to be on tight budget, so the best value of the current lower-end controllers is the Mixtrack Pro 2, best built budget controller is Denon MC2000; both are Serato not Traktor, though, and both would benefit from paying the $100 or so extra to upgrade the supplied software to Serato DJ full version.

If you want to stay with Traktor, the Kontrol S2 is the best bet for compatibility, and the Mk 1 (only real difference: won’t work with the iPad/iPhone) can be picked up pretty cheap, especially if you look for a good condition secondhand one. It comes with a full version of Traktor, too (make sure you get the software licence if you buy second hand from the seller).

Have you ever upgraded your OS only to find compatibility issues with your DJ gear? Have you had problems with this specific controller? Please share your thoughts below.

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