Digital DJ Tips Launches iPad and Mobile Versions

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Last updated 29 November, 2017

Digital DJ Tips iPod iPhone

Digital DJ Tips today launches special versions of its website across most mobile platforms, and for the iPad. Users of iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android and other similar devices can now choose to view a new version of Digital DJ Tips, specially streamlined and optimised to deliver the best mobile experience to readers. We’ve kept the same clean, clear simple design and the editorial content is exactly the same as the main website, but the new version loads much faster for mobile users and has simpler navigation, less clutter, better support for mobile video, and easier mobile search and commenting.

“A small but growing number of our readers are accessing Digital DJ Tips from mobile devices, ” said Phil Morse, Digital DJ Tips publisher. Following a number of clear requests in our recent reader survey, we felt it was worth investing now to get a solid mobile version of the site in place to cater for this section of our readership.”

iPad Digital DJ Tips

“With people even beginning to DJ digitally using these devices now, it’s obvious that more and more people will want to access and respond to our content via these mobile platforms.”

“We’re not forcing it on you, though: If you try the new site and really don’t want to view Digital DJ Tips in a mobile version, there is still the option to opt out of it and choose instead to view the full-sized site.” he added.

Further improvements…

The mobile version marks the start of a number of significant changes and improvements to the website for 2011, with better video coverage, a buyer’s guide, premium training materials and further improved web content all imminent.

Are you viewing Digital DJ Tips on your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android device? What do you think of the new version? We’d love to have your feedback in the comments.

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