Virtual DJ Made Easy

Got Virtual DJ? Want to know how to use it to its full potential for amazing DJ sets? Become a Virtual DJ ninja and master this powerful software today.

Course introduction

If you don’t understand your DJ software inside out, you’re not only missing out on a lot of the fun of digital DJing, but you’re also setting yourself up for failure at gigs, when you’d be unable to cope should unexpected things start happening mid-performance. A thorough understanding of your DJ software, then, is not only desirable so you can enjoy your DJing more, but essential if you ever want to play out, especially if you’re planning on getting paid for DJing.

This is a complete video course, delivered online in full HD, viewable on your computer, smartphone or tablet, so you can learn anywhere. Brought to you by the expert team here at the world’s biggest online DJ training site, with “over the shoulder” screen recordings and detailed follow-alongs, it’s everything you need to master Virtual DJ in one place. What’s more, pay once and it’s yours for life, so you can take it at your own speed and refer back to it whenever you want.

What you'll learn

  • How to set the software up properly for reliable, hassle-free DJing
  • A step-by-step walkthrough every part of the interface, to fast-track your understanding of it
  • How the decks work, including loops, cues, effects, and the unique Scratch Mixer window
  • How to mix video as well as music
  • How to search for, sort and filter your music to always have that next great tune at your fingertips
  • How to automix your tunes to keep the music playing perfectly when you step out of the booth
  • How to edit your own DJ drops and samples to personalise your sets
  • How to stream music so you’re never stuck fulfilling a request
  • How to test out mixes and censor swearing out of your tracks ahead of time
  • How to creating custom video drops with your logo or venue name on them…

Full Course Details


Here you’ll meet your course tutor Joey Santos, and you’ll also get an overview of the entire course, so you know what to expect in the coming videos.

Module contents:

  • You’ll get Virtual DJ 8 downloaded and installed on your computer. You’ll activate your controller licence within Virtual DJ 8 and connect it to your computer
  • You’ll get a tour of the Virtual DJ 8 main interface, which will introduce you to the buttons and functions, making the seemingly complicated interface easier to pick apart
  • You’ll get your music files and folders from wherever you keep them on your hard drive into Virtual DJ 8, allowing it to analyse your music files, for faster, more adventurous mixing
The Decks

The decks are the “CDJs” or “turntables” within Virtual DJ 8. You’ll learn how to load tracks and play them, and also learn about the other deck buttons, including the Sync button.

Module contents:

  • You’ll learn about the more advanced functions of the virtual decks, such as hot cues and looping, so you can “jump” to places and create portions of tracks that repeat themselves indefinitely
  • You’ll learn about the effects one by one, and how to use the fact that these effects are “chained” to achieve really gnarly sounds for the dancefloor, rather than one huge mess…
The Mixer

The mixer is where you can control what comes out of the main speakers  and your headphones, so this module gives you a full understanding of the mixer interface of Virtual DJ 8.

Module contents:

  • You”ll learn about the unique Scratch Mixer window, including using the vertical waveforms, and the Beatlock Mode, which syncs tracks together even when scratching
  • You’ll discover Virtual DJ 8’s Video Mixer window, which lets you DJ with music video files and visuals. You’ll learn how to remove the pesky Virtual DJ logo from your output, too
  • You’ll get the lowdown on the Master window, which contains additional controls and features that affect your Master Output, letting you put the final touches to your sound…
The Browser

You’ll get deep dive into Virtual DJ 8’s Browser, which is where you’ll find your media folders on your hard drive, and your Songs List.

Module contents:

  • You’ll discover the advanced features and functions of the Sideview, including Automix options, and the Sampler that lets you trigger audio hits and loops
  • You’ll get deep into the database, learning how to search for tunes, make a playlist really quick,  and use the Filter folder, to find songs that match a criteria you’ve set
Editors & Pre-mix Features

You’re now ready to learn about many of Virtual DJ’s extra modes: Sandboxing, myriad Editors, and even a special Track Cleaner for pre-preparing “clean” version of songs.

Module contents:

  • You’ll discover the unique Sandbox mode. It lets you preview a mix using your headphones
  • You’ll master the POI, or Points Of Interest Editor, which lets you add locators in a track to perform different functions
  • You’ll learn about the BPM Editor, that lets you set the beatgrid in Virtual DJ 8 for clean sync mixing and looping
  • You’ll meet the Tag Editor, letting you get in deep with songs in your Database
  • You’ll discover The Track Cleaner, the built-in feature that lets you “bleep” or censor out certain parts of a song
Advanced & Preferences

Continuing our tour of the advanced features, you’ll get the low down on video clips, the sampler, auto-mixing, all the online features, and how to fix the preferences to your liking.

Module contents:

  • You can add text, an image, or even a video to a video clip using the Video Editor. You’ll learn how
  • You’ll learn about the individual sample features and functions, and how to record a loop into the Sampler
  • You’ll master the Automix Editor, which allows you to tailor and fine tune mix in and mix out points between songs
  • You’ll discover ContentUnlimited, Virtual DJ 8’s built-in media streaming subscription service
  • You’ll meet CloudLists, Virtual’s DJ online feature that lets you pull playlists made by other users from the cloud
  • You’ll master the Settings menu, including built-in skins, licence types, and the Broadcast menu

Meet your tutor

Phil Morse DDJT Team

Phil Morse is the founder of Digital DJ Tips. His DJ career has taken him from a 15-year residency in Manchester, England, to the main room at Privilege in Ibiza - the world's biggest club. He is also an award-winning club promoter, and has taught music tech and DJing since 2010. He regularly speaks at DJ seminars and events worldwide.

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“The course is truly excellent, and gives you the understanding necessary to master this incredible program. The beauty is that it’s very well organised. I took the course some months ago but I recently worked my way through the many comprehensive videos again, and still there were many “aha” moments of new understanding. The tutor takes you through the inner workings of Virtual DJ in a manner that keeps you intrigued at the possibilities each new revelation brings to enhance your DJing. Worth every penny.”
Tony Nanton, New York, USA
“Virtual DJ Made Easy helped me to understand what I can really do with my Virtual DJ software, especially when it came to knowing how to prepare intricate sets. One of the things I really enjoy is the fact that I can go back and learn things that I haven’t mastered at any time, because once you buy it it is yours for life.  If anyone asked me whether or not they should go for it I’d say:  Just get the course. It will help you to fully understand Virtual DJ so you can work on your DJ skills and not the program, which is surely the objective of any digital DJ.”
John Bowles, Florida, USA
“Wow, what an eye opener the tutorial was! I learned how to use most of the features on the software and with practise became proficient in it (so much that I upgraded my controller and software). Taking Virtual DJ Made Easy has educated me to have more confidence (and more fun) because now I know what I’m doing! The coolest thing I learned was how use the music effects, loops, and cues offered by Virtual DJ. This allowed me to create very cool mixes that were not even thought possible. Like the old saying says, ‘Knowledge is Power’.”
Harald Berg, Sarpsborg, Norway