Fakin’ The Funk Returns For Mac

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 20 June, 2022


Fakin’ The Funk is a useful little piece of software for Windows and Mac, that checks the true quality of audio files. It can spot where a WAV, for instance, is really anything but, because it has been “upsampled” from a lower quality format. This kind of info is useful to DJs who want to double check the quality of their files (the first check, of course, being actually listening to them!).

We have covered Fakin’ The Funk before, but Mac users haven’t been able to use it on Catalina or later versions of the OS, because the developer did not manage to update it for those OSes. But he informs us that he has found the time to build a new macOS version running on Monterey (Intel and Arm) and also on the older platforms since Catalina.

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We’ll be taking another look at Fakin’ The Funk and exploring why you may want to use it in the near future, but meanwhile you can find out more about the app on the Fakin’ the Funk website – it’s free for the first 100 fake files detected.

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