On-The-Fly Flexible Beatgridding Arrives For Engine DJ Users

Phil Morse
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 12 December, 2022


Engine DJ 2.4 has been released, and with it comes flexible beatgridding for all users of Engine DJ-powered equipment, such as the Denon DJ Prime 4, Denon DJ SC Live 4, and Numark Mixstream Pro.

On-the-fly flexible beatgridding

A new fullscreen on-unit beatgrid editor brings expanded beatgrid editing features including grid alignment controls, anchor points for setting standard and dynamic (multi-tempo) beatgrids, manual BPM entry with numerical keypad, and “tap” tempo to all Engine DJ gear.

This means that users of this equipment can finally properly edit beatgrids “on the fly”, More importantly, it means that difficult beatgrids can be properly corrected for streaming music, which wasn’t possible before on these systems, because until now all but the most rudimentary beatgridding had to be done ahead of time on desktop and exported for use on the actual gear.

Video demo

In this video tutorial, I talk you through beatgridding a streaming track (from TIDAL), on Engine DJ 2.4 using a standalone unit.

Other improvements & fixes in v2.4

Beat Jump and Auto Loop size controls can now be linked/unlinked. When linked, Beat Jump size and Auto Loop size are adjusted together via the Auto Loop encoder. When unlinked, Beat Jump size and Auto Loop size can be adjusted independently.

(To adjust Beat Jump size independently on the SC5000/M, SC6000/M, Prime 2/4, and SC Live 2/4, users should hold Shift and press the Beat Jump buttons, whereas it’s Shift then the Auto Loop encoder button on the Prime Go.)

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Also, the annoying WiFi bug where WiFi decided it had an “Input/output error” has been squished, along with other fixes and tweaks.

Meanwhile, over on the desktop, the big news is a “relocate missing files” option has been added, which can be run automatically or engaged manually. Also, the software now supports macOS 13 (Ventura), although Mac users should note that Mojave is now no longer supported.

• More info on the Engine DJ website.

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