Have We Just Spotted Another New Denon DJ Media Player?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 31 March, 2022

UPDATE – Denon DJ LC6000 confirmed: Click here for the review

Hot on the heels of the SC6000 and SC6000M, there appears to be another, previously unannounced, Denon DJ media player in existence – based upon an apparent leak just added to Laidback Luke’s Instagram story today.

Spotted in a demo of his new single, Luke appears to have in his possession a piece of gear we haven’t seen before. Here’s the set-up:

Luke set-up
Did Laidback Luke just inadvertently reveal a hitherto unannounced piece of gear from Denon DJ?

Take a look at the player furthest to the right in the picture above, which our main picture zooms in on. Here’s an even closer cut of it:

New Denon DJ gear
Close-up view of the apparently new Denon DJ gear.

So what is that thing?

Well, it is occupying a slot that would normally be used for a media player in a DJ set-up. However, while it is the same size and shape, with what appears to be identical controls and platter to the SC6000 which is beside it, it seems it does not have a screen.

So is it some kind of controller, like the Rane Twelve? But that wouldn’t make sense unless there was a laptop involved… and we can’t see a laptop.

The only thing it could be controlling really is the SC6000 sat next to it… but why?

Well, the SC6000s, unlike Pioneer DJ’s media players, can play two decks at once (just like most DJ controllers)…

So, could it actually be controlling the second layer of the SC6000, meaning a DJ could have two actual platters to control the two decks in that unit, rather than having to switch?

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That would actually be pretty cool, because it means there would be no need to buy a whole second pair of SC6000s to have physical control over four decks – you’d just add a couple of these to two SC6000s and your mixer.

There would need to be dual waveforms at the very least on the SC6000 screens, and if you look closely, it does indeed seem like there are…

Those appear to be big, fat, dual waveforms on the SC6000’s screen, pointing to this being a slave controller – a cheaper way to add true third and fourth deck control than buying another SC6000, maybe?

So this is the best explanation we can come up with (unless, of course, it is a new, cheaper media player, with a smaller screen that we just can’t see in the picture).

Laidback Luke is a vocal supporter of Denon DJ and plays all his sets on Denon DJ Prime equipment, so it would be unsurprising for him to have access to equipment that is in development. So it’s quite clearly Denon DJ gear – but what?

And yes, you may well say “just ask Luke, he’s made courses with you!”, but it doesn’t work like that – he’ll be under an agreement not to talk, and we’re British right? We’re too polite to ask him to break that…

Anyway, whatever it is, in the week that Pioneer DJ has apparently teased its CDJ-3000 media player, looks like Denon DJ is not going to let its rival have all the glory…

So what do YOU think it is? Let us know in the comments below…

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