How I Discovered The 5 Steps To DJing Success (Great For Beginners)

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 16 August, 2021

In this first day of a six-part special series, you’ll learn how I discovered the five steps to total DJing success – and why following my formula will change your DJing and how you learn, especially if you’re a beginner.

By the end of today, you’ll be ready to start learning them yourself – and in the articles and videos that follow over the coming days, I’m going to teach you about each step, clearly and simply. By the end of the series, you’ll be ready to apply them in your own DJing!

Plus if you haven’t already grabbed a copy, I’ve also got an awesome free book for you, all about the five steps – at the end I’ll show you how to get that. And please do share this, so your friends can get in on it too.

About the five steps

So this is kind of a big deal! Because these steps have been proven time and time again to help people like you to achieve true success and mastery as a DJ.

They work whatever type of DJ you are or want to be – party, club, event, wedding, radio, just for fun – and they work whether this is just a hobby for you, or a full-time career.

Yet without these five areas covered, you’ll struggle to pass “go”, watching other DJs getting success and wondering how the hell they do it!

So, you might well ask, how did I discover all of this?

Well, as a pro DJ and a club promoter for 15 years, I played thousands of DJ sets myself, including the main room at Privilege in Ibiza, the biggest club in the world – but also I booked hundreds of DJs.

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One thing that always puzzled me, though, was why DJs I thought were awesome sometimes struggled, and why DJs I assumed would get nowhere suddenly smashed it out of the park!

As I saw my own career take off, I found myself feeling sad for people I knew, friends and friends of friends, who I felt deserved success too, but somehow they just didn’t get the breaks.

So later, when I set up Digital DJ Tips, I realised that working out why that was would be key if we were to succeed as a DJ school.

Through teaching thousands of students and picking back through my years working with so many DJs, piece by piece I figured out the five vital steps.

I was so excited, I wrote the book…

“Rock The Dancefloor” is an Amazon number one, and we want you to have a copy for yourself – read on to find out how to get it for free.

I was so excited, I spend six months locked away writing a book about it – a book that has gone on to help tens of thousands of DJs not only to understand these steps, but apply them to their own DJing.

Nowadays, “Rock The Dancefloor!” is an Amazon bestseller on DJing, I regularly speak about the steps at DJ conferences globally – and of course, Digital DJ Tips has grown to become the biggest DJ school in the world.

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So these steps work. And if you’re struggling in your DJing, or just curious to learn if there may be a better way to approach this hobby you love so much – watch on! Because in video 2 tomorrow, I’m going to cover the first step.

Get your copy

Now, I said I had a free book for you! I want you to have a copy of this. Of course it’s available in all good bookstores, on Amazon, as a digital book on Kindle, and as an audio book on Audible and iTunes – but I want you to have a copy for FREE.

To get your copy of my bestseller Rock The Dancefloor as a free PDF download, as long as you’re a member of our community, head to My Digital DJ Tips and download it from your profile.

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If you’re not yet a Digital DJ Tips member, joining has loads of benefits, and it’s also completely free – so sign up here and we’ll email you with your copy.

And finally, before you grab your free book, please do pass this article on to at least one friend – we want to get as many DJs involved this week as we possibly can.

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I’d love you to share your experience with the book, and about learning to DJ in general, in the comments below.

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